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This course aims to stimulate students’ interest and enjoyment of film in both its

national and global contexts. During their study students will also be encouraged

to develop an appreciation of cultural diversity through the close analysis of a wide

range of films. Students will develop a critical and investigative approach to film,

become conversant with the development of Film over time and with the important

Film movements. They will recognise patterns of similarity and difference across a

range of films and to recognise and evaluate the ways in which films represent

people, places, ideas, issues and events to audiences.


All equipment is provided by the department.


The British Film Institute Library (research projects); The British Film Institute

(Moving Image Awards); Ad-hoc cinema trips.


Further Education

: A Level Film


: Film Production, Video Production, TV Production, Film Theory, Media

Production, Communications, Broadcast Journalism


: Range of media and communications industries


Year 10

Year 11

External Assessment (70%)

Component 1:

Developments in US

Film This component assesses

knowledge and understanding of three

US films chosen from a range of

options. Assessment consists of four

questions on one pair of US

mainstream films and one US

independent film.

Component 2:


Representation and Film Style (and

into year 11) This component assesses

knowledge and understanding of three

global films produced outside the US

chosen from a range of options.

External Assessment (30%)

Component 3:

Production This

component assesses the ability to

apply knowledge and understanding of

film to a production and its

accompanying evaluative analysis.

Learners produce:

one genre-based film extract

(either from a film or from a


one evaluative analysis of the

production, where learners

analyse and evaluate their

production in relation to

comparable, professionally-

produced films or screenplays.

Film Studies