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Non-Profit Org.

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Rochester, NY

Permit No. 651

2021 Winton Road South

Rochester, NY 14618

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Volunteers continue to make programs possible that we would not be able to do without them.

They help to increase the residents quality of life on a daily basis.

Volunteers assist with many diff erent programs, to name a few:

• Friendly Visitors

• Bingo in the Goldberg and on unit

• Delivering residents mail

• Assisting with religious services

• Assisting in the Art Room

• Transporting residents to activities

• Helping in the Gift Shop

and appointments

• Running Café Shalom

• Joining residents on community outings

• Pet Therapy visits

• Delivering welcome gifts to new residents

Please call Shannon Megna at 784-6556 if you are interested in volunteering!