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Going for continuous development

Using the most advanced technology, we aim for continuous

improvement in our production. We listen to your printing

needs and are always able to offer you the most suitable

paper choices.

Do you want to dazzle? Are you looking for the best possible

balance between a light basis weight and opacity? Whatever

your requirements, we are happy to assist in choosing paper

with the right feel for the desired effect.

Improving efficiency

We are constantly improving the resource efficiency of our

mills and processes. We use less water and energy than

ever before to make sure your paper meets even the most

demanding sustainability requirements.

While we are the world’s largest producer of graphic paper,

we are also the industry’s biggest user of recycled paper.

We use less

water and energy

than ever before.

Ingrained in our way of doing things

UPM’s Biofore strategy

is built on sustainable and responsible

operations. We lead the way to a new, innovation-driven future

seamlessly combining successful business and responsibility.

Paper at the heart of Biofore

Sustainable products, safety and high environmental performance

form the core of our operations. With us, you can expect more.

More reliability, more expertise, more with Biofore.