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Digital Clocks


Not your everyday clock kit! This digital clock kit features red 7-segment LED displays in a modern attractive case. Automatic time-

base selection gives you the option of internal or line-frequency controlled 50/60 Hz.

Internal timebase has a fine tuning adjustment for precision time keeping. It can also be set for either 12 or 24 hour mode and fea-

tures battery backup (3 AA batteries, not included) in case of a power failure. Runs on 9V AC or DC. Order our AC121 power sup-

ply. Comes complete with the custom designed case to give your clock a great finished look. From Velleman.


LED Digital Clock Kit



12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency


Automatic timebase selection!

12/24 hour mode

Battery backup

Digital Clock Kits Are Back!

LED Digital Clock


The Jumbo Single Digit Clock below has always been a fun kit for those looking for a quirky clock, but what if you want the whole clock!? Well, we finally have the answer! This kit

combines four of the jumbo seven-segment displays below into one giant display perfect for offices, computer rooms, and shop windows! Not only does it display the time in your

choice of either 12 hour or 24 hour formats, it can also display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius! A bonus mode cycles automatically between your choice of time, temperature

and OPEN or CLOSED (“CLOSED” scrolls across the display) or a combination of the three. Easy-to-use controls let you set the time and switch modes. You can even put the

OPEN/CLOSED switch in a remote location so you can toggle easily from the other side of your shop! And it even has a secret bonus feature: hold down the “HOUR” button and apply

power and it will display the AC frequency of your power grid! The entire clock is ready for easy wall-mounting and measures 9" W x 2.9" H x 1.26" D. From Velleman.


Jumbo Multifunction Digital Clock Kit



Temperature Sensor Kit



Temperature Sensor, Factory Assembled & Tested



12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency


Four huge red 7-segment displays

Optional temperature sensor available

Displays time, temperature, and OPEN/CLOSED

Choose between 12 or 24 Hour Time, Celsius or Fahrenheit

Battery Backup

Bright and Bold Time and Temperature!

Jumbo Multifunction Digital Clock


Now THIS is the ultimate gadget digital clock for the electronic enthusiast! It's just one single digit… but it’s a big one! A huge bright red 57mm, 7-seg-

ment display brightly displays complete 12-hour time format in a sequence of digits… one digit at a time! And for those that don’t know how large a

57mm 7-segment display is, the numeral itself measures 2.25” x 1.6”! This clock will definitely be a conversation piece!

But you don’t just get a large 7-segment display with some parts on the back of it. The display is mounted in a dark attractive hi-tech enclosure that features a single button to con-

trol all the features of the clock! It also includes a “blank display” dark mode. Built-in clock accuracy is 30ppm. Runs on 9-12VDC at 150mA or our AC121 power adapter. Finished

case measures 2.9” x 2.3” x 1.3”. From Velleman.

(One, Two, Three, Four... Only you will know the time is 12:34!)


Jumbo Single Digit Clock Kit


One giant red 7-segment display!

One button operation!

Time is displayed as a sequence of digits!

The ultimate gadget!

Includes the hi-tech looking enclosure!

Dark mode

The Most Unique Clock You’ll Find!

But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off It!

Jumbo Single Digit Clock


This 4 digit Nixie tube clock is the perfect "little brother" to our latest IN-14 and IN-8-2 series Nixie clocks. If you're not familiar with Nixie tubes or their history,

check it out on the previous page. In short, while once the standard for digital displays, they have since (and since meaning a long time ago!) been replaced by

LED, LCD, and Vacuum Fluorescent displays. Nixie tubes were considered cold cathode tubes filled with neon gas with a wire mesh anode and a set of very intri-

cate cathodes in the shape each of the numerals to be displayed.

This little clock uses 4 ZM/GN series nixie tubes that measure approximately .7" in diameter by 1.8” high. The hour/minute separator is a classic NE2 style neon bulb. The clock fea-

tures 12/24 hour modes, 12VDC operation with a quartz crystal timebase, programmable leading zero blanking, programmable AM/PM configurations, programmable night mode,

and supercapacitor backup. Like its big brother, this little clock also features blue LED tube illumination, allowing you to program the display mode as well as 10 day and night levels.

For a perfect vintage look, this little beauty is available with our signature teak hardwood base, hand crafted and rubbed to a furniture quality satin finish. For a futuristic look, our

see-through acrylic base allows you to look inside the clock to see the entire circuitry as well as the tube display. The choice is yours! The clock is designed around a quartz crystal

controlled timebase for high accuracy and zero dependency on incoming power line frequency, therefore, making it compatible throughout the world! The clock runs on 12VDC at

500mA, and our 90-264VAC green level-V power supply is included. From the soft Nixie tube glow, the LED tube illumination, to the choice in bases, if you're looking for a small com-

pact Nixie clock, this is it!

(Note: Various tubes from the Z5700M, ZM1082, GN-9A families and other pin-compatible tubes may be supplied with this kit, according to tube availability)


Nixie Tube Clock, ZM Tubes, Teak Hardwood Base, Kit



Nixie Tube Clock, ZM Tubes, Teak Hardwood Base, Factory Assembled & Tested



Nixie Tube Clock, ZM Tubes, See-Through Acrylic Base, Kit



Nixie Tube Clock, ZM Tubes, See-Through Acrylic Base, Factory Assembled & Tested



Spare/Replacement ZM/GN Series Nixie Tube*


* Spare Nixie tubes are reserved solely for our loyal clock customers to assure continued availability

Brand new mini 4-tube version of our classic Nixie clock!

Quartz crystal timebase!

Choice of Teak hardwood or see-through acrylic base!

Programmable blue LED tube mood lighting

12 or 24 hour modes!

The Little Brother To Our Classic Nixie Clock!

Compact Nixie Tube Clock


Teak Hardwood Base

See-Through Acrylic Base

Wired & Tested