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LED Displays


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High Intensity SMT Blinky Kit


What can be said about a Surface Mount blinky kit? The BL2 is the revival of our classic BL1 blinky kit in a new, modern form! Yes, two

LEDs that blink, just like our original blinky kit that has made us famous! This one, however, is subminiature and designed with SMT

components! Why, you ask? Besides the obvious, a really neat, super bright attention grabbing display, there’s no better way to

learn how to work with SMT components! Don’t worry, we even include spare SMT chips for when you goof up!

When complete, the BL2 provides alternating super bright red and blue LEDs. Runs on 6VDC and includes two LR55 button cells

and a cell holder to mount on the backside of the board. It’s one complete unit! If you don’t want SMT LEDs you can also use regu-

lar T1¾ LEDs (included). If you want to learn what SMT is all about, the BL2 is for you! While you’re at it, you might want to check

out the magnifiers in our tools section, you’ll need them!

(You’ll definitely want to keep your reading glasses handy when you build this one!)

Super bright SMT LEDs

Subminiature board, perfect for displays

Operates from 6 VDC with included cells

Learn SMT the FUN WAY!

Super Bright...

Super Small!

High Intensity SMT Blinky


Alternately flashes two jumbo red LEDs. This is the kit you’ve seen on name badges,

buttons, hats, and toys, but there’s more to it than that! Add a couple of relays and

Christmas light strings and you’ve got yourself a super light chaser just like the theater

marquee. Add a zener diode and make an attention getting overvoltage warning light!

Runs on 3-9 VDC, typically a 9V battery (not included). Used throughout the world as

the first learning kit for students young and old. Measures 1” square.

BL1 LED Red Blinky Kit


Tweak a child’s interest!

Perfect 1st learning kit!

Thousands and thousands sold!

Great Starter Kit!

LED Red Blinky


More than 30 years ago we came out with our ever famous BL1 Blinky kit. Thousands and thousands were built teaching people exactly

how LEDs and transistor circuits work. Now we’re going one step further! The LSW1 will show you how to light a 3V LED with a single 1.5V

battery! The circuit is actually a very unique “switching power supply” which steps up the 1.5V battery voltage to around 5VDC! If you’re

new to switching power supplies this is the perfect little kit to get your feet wet!

If you’re a serious hobbyist and want to see the neatest little circuit then you’re in for a treat too! When you’re all done you end up with a

super bright Blue Telux


LED running on 1.5V! But it doesn’t blink you say? Sure it does... just at 140kHz! Requires a single AA battery (not included). Board measures 1.5” x 1.5”.

Run a 3V LED with 1.5V!

Learn about switching supplies!

Super bright Blue LED!


LED Switcher Blinky Kit


See... It IS Possible... And Learn How!


LED Switcher Blinky

Build this little attention grabber and learn about SMT at the

same time! Measuring only 1” this smiley face can be worn as a

pendant or just as a conversation piece. And don’t worry about losing

or damaging the parts, as we give you extras! Requires a 3V Lithium Ion button cell.

Measures 1.1” x .3”. From Velleman.

MK141 SMT LED Smiley Face Kit


Alternating flashing SMT LEDs!

Can be worn as a pendant!

Smile...And Learn SMT!

SMT LED Smiley Face


This little kit alternately flashes two super bright red LEDs that are

extremely “attention getting”! But it goes beyond that. If desired, a

built-in light sensor automatically turns it on at night and off at dawn.

Light sensor is adjustable. Runs on a standard 9V battery or external 9-15VDC power.

Measures 2.2” x 1.3” x 1.6”. From Velleman.

MK148 Dual Super Bright LED Kit


2 super bright red LEDs!

Auto-on at dark!

Adjustable sensitivity!

Grab Their Attention Automatically At Night!

Dual Super Bright LED Display


This digital customer “turn” display unit is ideal for busy shops or offices in need of an attractive and handy way to keep track

of customer lines! The large 2.5" (63 mm) display is made up of two extra large digits, created by 56 bright discrete red LEDs.

The counter circuit is based around a Microchip PIC Microcontroller for maximum features in a small package, and includes three on-

board switches for Count Up, Count Down and Reset. A large push button switch that can be connected to any of the three on-board

switches is also included, so you can set it up for easy remote operation (wire not included) so you can put the display anywhere you want!

Last but not least - an optional speaker can be added to the counter so that each time it counts up, a "Ding Dong" chime sound is produced

twice to notify the customers! Supply Voltage: 6-12VDC or 5VDC regulated. Dimensions: 3.70” x 3.85”. From CanaKit. (

Start your own DMV?!


Large 2.5” Digits, Created With 56 Bright Red LEDs!

Wired Remote Button Placement Option!

Includes “Ding Dong” Chime Alert Generator - Gets Their Attention!

TTL Inputs for Optional External Control

Who’s Next in Line?

2-Digit Queue Counter Display



2-Digit Queue Counter Display Kit



2-Digit Queue Counter Display - Wired & Tested


Wired & Tested

Large Push Button

Switch Included!

You don’t have to throw it, just shake it and it acts just like

regular dice! It rolls out slowly and flashes the last combina-

tion or “winning number!”

It’s microprocessor controlled circuit is fun to learn! Runs on one 3V Lithium button cell

(not included). Get two to simulate a pair of real dice to get “snake eyes” or “box cars!”

Measures 1.4” x 1.4” x 1.3”. From Velleman.

MK150 Shaking Electronic Dice Kit


Just give it a shake like real dice!

Microprocessor controlled!

Shake, Don’t Roll!

Shaking Electronic Dice