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Lighting Effects


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See your music come alive and set the mood with our infamous music lights kit! This sweet little kit con-

trols up to three separate incandescent light circuits to make them timed directly by the tonal qualities of

your music. Set one channel output to respond to the bass beat or “lows” and really kick into the mood

with some floods or spots. Set the “Mids” to control ambient lights and the highs to control some secondary

lights. Turn your music on and have a party!

Input is a standard 110VAC plug, and each output is connected to a standard consumer “extension cord outlet” for a safe connection. Each channel

load can be a maximum of 300 watts, and that’s a lot of light! Plug in your holiday light strings and make them dance to the music! Plug in some strip lights

around your room, set the controls and “crank’er up”!

The kit includes a custom case/knob set to give you a great finished look to match your stereo equipment. Can only be used with incandescent bulbs and fixtures, and cannot be

used with high efficiency replacements, CFL’s, fluorescents, or other non-standard lights. The case size 5"W x 11/2"H x 51/4"D.

(Music lights, polyester leisure suits, and paisley

shirts, they were all the rage!)


Music Lights Display Controller Kit, 110VAC


Controls 3 channels of lights!

Plug in your standard 110V lights

Different lights flicker to different

tone ranges of your audio

Easy to connect, just plug in the lights

Runs on 110VAC!

Create A Dazzling Display

Of Light!

Music Lights Controller


This is a 3-channel Light (Color) Organ with built-in microphone and line input. Awesome for parties, school dances, nightclubs, spe-

cial events, etc.! Creates an amazing lighting effect in sync with your music! This kit is based on three sharp independent active band

pass filters using two Quad Op-Amp Integrated Circuits. In addition, it incorporates three opto-isolators to fully isolate the four AC output

channels from the control circuitry for additional safety!

Three independent controls vary the response sensitivity for low, midrange and high frequencies and the three onboard LED indicators show the sta-

tus of each channel at any given time. In addition, a built-in microphone is incorporated that allows the circuit to capture the ambient sound and to

operate without requiring a direct connection to your stereo system.

If you do want to connect directly to the line-out of your audio system, an audio pre-amplifier circuit is also built-in! The circuit can handle up to a maximum of 2A of lights per chan-

nel. Supply Voltage: regulated 12VDC. Dimensions: 5.69” x 3.18”. From CanaKit.

Generates Amazing Music-Synchronized Lighting Effects!

Independently Adjustable Sensitivity for Low, Mid, and High

Frequency Ranges

Use the Built-in Microphone or a Line-Out From Your Audio System!


3-Channel AC Music Reactive Light Organ Kit



3-Channel AC Music Reactive Light Organ, Factory Assembled & Tested



12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency


Get the Party


3-Channel AC Music Reactive Light Organ


Wired & Tested

These light chaser controllers take lighting effects to a whole new level! A PIC microcontroller is used to cre-

ate 20 pre-programmed lighting effects. These effects range from simple end-to-end running lights to complex

patterns that are sure to draw attention.

The controllers are available in your choice of AC or DC output to match your display requirements. The DC version can handle lights between 6 to 24VDC up to a 1A per channel

load. This makes it perfect (and easy) to connect groups of hundreds of LEDs, high power LEDs, and LED light strips per channel. Just imagine the dazzling display you can come up

with! The AC version features 8 channels that are opto-coupler protected to provide complete isolation between the controller and the AC mains for optimum safety. The maximum

load on each of the AC outputs is 1A at 110VAC.

Along with the 20 programmed effects the controllers feature a front mounted speed control to give you full control over the speed of your display. A program reversal push button

switch is also provided to automatically reverse the running direction of the effects pattern currently running! 8 front board mounted LEDs display each lighting channel allowing you

to preview your display from the controller.

The display applications for these controllers are endless and are great for holiday decorations, traffic safety signs, animated direction signs and a whole lot more. The controller

board measures 4.8” x 4.8” and can be easily installed within your display. An optional custom enclosure is available that features see-through front panel to see the on-board LEDs.

Runs on 6-24VDC at 150mA. From CanaKit.


8-Channel, 20-Program AC Lighting Controller Kit



8-Channel, 20-Program AC Lighting Controller, Factory Assembled & Tested



Custom Enclosure For 570 Series Controllers



8-Channel, 20-Program DC Lighting Controller Kit



8-Channel, 20-Program DC Lighting Controller, Factory Assembled & Tested



Custom Enclosure For 580 Series Controllers


8 lighting channels!

20 built-in programmed effects!

Front mounted speed control!

Push button pattern reversal!

PIC microcontroller!

Available in AC or DC versions!

Matching case set available

The Ultimate Light Controller...

Available for AC or DC!

8-Channel, 20-Program Light Chaser & Controller

570 AC Series

580 DC Series


Wired & Tested