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Course Availability

The School will endeavour to provide all the courses in this booklet, but this depends on

sufficient students applying and staff availability. The timetable cannot accommodate all

combinations of subjects; all students are therefore asked to select two reserve subjects in

the event of a chosen subject, or combination of subjects, being impossible to provide.

Students are also encouraged to make use of the extensive Careers and Work related books

available in the Careers Suite, or speak directly to Mrs Pickford.

Resources available to help you in your choice include:


Details: (Reference copies available in Careers


How to Choose Your GCSEs

(ISBN: 1-978-1-84455-212-2)

Published by Prospects

This easy-to-read guide offers a full overview of

the options available at Key Stage 4, and links

between subjects and future career options.

Decisions at 13/14 +

(ISBN: 1-978-1904979135)

Published by the Careers Research Advisory


This is a comprehensive guide for students to the

options open to them beyond Year 9.

Which Way Now? – How to choose your

KS4 options workbook

Available via

and in Careers Suite.

‘Job File’ & ‘Careers 2017/18’

Both these reference books provide comprehensive

lists of thousands of jobs, and the qualifications

required to enter each one, future prospects etc.


Details: (on School network & via internet

from home)


( )

A career matching and information package.

Login Licence code available from Careers Dept


( )

Careers Selector and HE package.

Login Licence code available from Careers Dept




Careers information, choosing options,

employment etc. Links to many other useful

websites and Parents/Carers advice section.

Government funded national site dedicated to

giving impartial advice on options, careers,

applying for jobs etc. 1/academic/student- support/careers-and-work-related- learning

List of useful websites regularly updated to assist

with researching future careers and options.