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I moved to Rickmansworth School at the start of Year 12, and am

enjoying studying Drama and Theatre, English Literature and

History, along with an EPQ. I’ve really developed as a person

by going through the transition processes of working with new

people in a new environment. Rickmansworth is a very friendly

school and I genuinely feel like teachers do their best to help

and support us. Rickmansworth has provided many incredible

opportunities, notably the Peer Education Project, helping me

develop my skills and love for teaching. These are fabulous in

giving students a broader and more exciting education. I was

very proud, to gain the role of Senior Prefect for Social Harmony.


I am currently studying History, Psychology and Philosophy &

Ethics. I hope to study Psychology at University next year, and

as a result of the immense support given by the sixth form

team and my teachers I feel as though I can achieve my goals.

As a Senior Prefect, I have taken on responsibilities throughout

the school which has allowed my confidence to develop, and

has helped me grow as an individual. Being at the school for

the past 7 years I have seen the advancements that have been

made to further improve the quality of school life as a whole.

Reflecting on my time here at Rickmansworth School, it has

been an enjoyable experience and is one that I will not forget.


I have attended Rickmansworth School since the start of Year 12.

I amstudying Psychology, Biology and Economics, and hoping to

read Psychology at university. The Sixth Form has enabled me to

mature and developmy personal skills such as responsibility and

communication. The School staff were exceptional in providing

the support and pastoral care I needed whilst settling in. They

helped to motivate me to work hard and be resilient in order to

achieve the best grades I can. The school has both a friendly

andcompetitiveenvironment. My roleasSenior Prefect hasenabled

me to contribute and help advance the school curriculum further.

I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing school community

and I will cherish the moments I have had in Sixth Form.


I amcurrently studyingArt, Biology andDrama aswell as anEPQ,

with the intentions of studyingMidwifery at university. Transitioning

to A levels was a daunting yet exciting experience for me. Being

independent is key when studying A Levels, and the support from

teachers is always there to make sure we push ourselves to do

our best. The Sixth Formcommunity is constantly given exciting

opportunities, both inside and outside of our chosen A levels.

As Charities Senior Prefect I have been able to contribute to

the opportunities given, which has allowed me to experience a

leadership role. My time at the school has been unforgettable

and I know Year 13 will round off an incredible 7 years.