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Ultimate Family Vacations | SPRING 2018


Two years ago, during the food coma lull that comes

between Christmas and New Year, when thoughts turn

first to the setting of resolutions, and then to the joy

that comes with planning the next travel adventure,

a light bulb went off in my head:

“This may be our family’s last March Break.”

My eldest of two sons was in his final year of high

school, ready to head off to new adventures at

college. While I knew that things would change, the

realization was only just barely sinking in. How did

we get to this stage of life so quickly? Weren’t we

just wheeling around Europe with strollers and diaper

bags? What would this all mean?

For our family of travellers, it meant a meeting round

the dinner table to discuss the plan for our upcoming

spring break getaway. Over the years, we’ve found it

important to involve our kids, especially as teenagers,

in the travel planning process. It creates excitement and

buy-in, and with older kids in particular, it really helps

with a) increasing their enthusiasm and b) decreasing

eye-rolls and attitude.

Of course, compromises are usually required too - you

can’t do everything. But as happened in our case,

everyone was on board, literally, with our plan to

cruise the Mexican Riviera with ports of call in Cabo

San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. This trip plan

had advantages for everyone; fun in the sun, a chance

to relax and leave the cooking and cleaning to others,

opportunity to visit new destinations, and the chance

to meet new friends.

We started by booking our boys a separate cabin

adjacent to ours. No, this was not a recipe for chaos

and partying-gone-wild. It was an exercise in trust, a

nod to their maturity, a slight loosening of the apron

strings which was a test for them as much as it was

for me – and it worked beautifully. The boys loved

the independence to come and go as they pleased,

with the understanding that we would all meet up

every day for dinner (6 p.m. sharp!), and do all port

excursions together as a family. We enjoyed our own

adult time as much as they enjoyed their freedom.

Booking a spring break family cruise to Mexico’s west coast

was a great way to connect with our college-bound teen – and

start a new chapter for our family.

Mexican Riviera

Bond voyage: Cruising the

by Claudia Laroye



SPRING 2018 | Ultimate Family Vacations