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Extraordinary Experiences

28 • Vacations


Fall 2018

Renowned photographer Ossian

Lindholm has been taking tourists

to Quebrada de las Conchas for more

than two decades. He’s considered

a pioneer in “photo safaris.”

Vacations® •

Fall 2018 • 29

Like two snakes curving in unison, Route 68 meanders

alongside the Rio de las Conchas through a mountainous

desert at the edge of the Andes called Quebrada de las

Conchas. It’s part of a system of ridges and valleys stretching

across northwestern Argentina, each with its own distinctive


Steep gorges rise from the riverbed below, exposing

layers of red, blue and green sandstone shaped by erosion.

A wide, golden layer, the Yacoraite Line, marks the extinction

date of the dinosaurs, which is why geologists love it here.

Photographers, too. This place is a visual feast – wild,

colourful, and nearly empty except for our little tour bus.

“Ah, a beautiful composition, see? Did you get it? The

colours are amazing,” exclaims Ossian Lindholm, one of

Latin America’s most respected landscape and wildlife

photographers. He’s observing the settings of my Fuji

X-T2 camera.

With a few quick adjustments to shutter speed and

aperture dials, Lindholm transforms the sandstone into vivid

multicolour, and the bleached sky into a perfect robin’s-egg

blue. “Pick the brightest point in the sky to metre to,” he

continues, “and remember never to shoot at a lower speed

than your focal length.”

Lindholm, author of five books and 14 calendars, and host

of a weekly television show has been taking tourists to

Quebrada de las Conchas for more than two decades, about

as long as he’s been a professional photographer. He’s

considered a pioneer in “photo safaris.”




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By Sarah Staples