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Of people and place.

Left: Britney Hope, editor with Liz Scull

from DestinationVows in Cap Cana.


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Ocean Cruise


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Britney Hope

Creative Director

Liz Scull

2019 |



Brittney & Al





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No matter how many stories we read, Liz and I never get tired of learning

about a person’s real destination wedding. There’s just something so

romantic about the concept of friends and family stealing away to an exotic

locale, gathering beneath a warm sun and filling that place with love, hope

and good times. And after another year of working on


magazine, we’re still blown away by the sheer community of it all.

Perhaps it’s the romance of stepping away from daily life and into a place

that holds special meaning for you and yours. Or, maybe it’s the feeling of

being surrounded by your loved ones in a place that’s essentially worry-free

thanks to the help of thoughtful and skilled wedding experts. A wedding can

be themed, purposeful, unplugged (page 10), or include the hottest fashions

(page 16) - anything is possible. It can be on the beach, on a ship (page 78)

or in a waterside chapel (page 66) - whatever the details, there’s no denying

it: Marrying away from home is an unbeatable way to make some memories

(and let’s face it - the photos are always just spectacular).

But there’s something else about taking your vows in a special place. After

everyone has returned home, and anniversaries have gone by, the memories

of one of the best days of your life stays quite vivid - made stronger by the

fact that everyone took time out of the busyness of life to really celebrate

your love in a big way. When you think back to that day, the memories are

more tangible - you can still hear all the beautiful things that were said that

day, taste the flavours of the foods you’d never had before, or feel the warmth

of the sand beneath your toes.

It stays with you, perhaps because it was deeply meaningful, like the intrinsic

customs of Natasha and Hector’s multicultural Indian-Mexican wedding (page

54). Maybe because it was incredibly touching, like the tender love story of

Santana and Symroy, who wed in Jamaica (page 24). Or, maybe because it

was just a rollicking good time, like Tanisha and Don’s post-ceremony frolic

in the surf (page 34). The common thread tying all the real weddings in the

following pages is this: It was the people and the place that made the

wedding day so special.

So as you sit back and enjoy our latest issue of


, don’t just

try to pull inspiration from the fabulous photography, decadent décor and

sensational style of these weddings. Take a moment to consider how you’d

like your own day to feel in-destination - before, during and after it’s all taken

place, and most importantly, who will help you make it that way.

Britney Hope