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Get lost in the stories woven throughout Adare Manor, and make

some memories of your own at one of Ireland’s top hotels.


By Valentina Valentini

The Irish love to tell a tale. Stories run through generations

of the jovial, hard-working citizens as smoothly as a glass of

Midleton whiskey. Chat to a local and chances are she’ll tell

you a thing or two about her country and her people. Adare

Manor has crafted storytelling into the heart of a major

renovation that lasted nearly two years: from the bathroom

wallpaper to the pages of the menus, from the woodland-

inspired cocktails in teacups to the gold leaf-painted Latin

engravings along ornate crown mouldings, all woven around

its narrative-led ethos. (Though, there’s one story that’s

never been revealed – a nameless mischievous stone man

whose bent back holds up a minstrel gallery overlooking

the main hall.)


After a much-needed facelift in 2017, the Adare Manor has

emerged a beguiling Gothic Revival of five-star hospitality

all while maintaining a familial feel. In part, it’s thanks to

interior designer Kim Partridge, whose forté is in residential

properties. Consistent with that homier feel, minimal signage

hangs at Adare, encouraging guests to talk to staff or other

guests while wandering the many halls of the manor.

There was a Georgian house where Adare Manor is now,

built in 1720 and remnants of which are encased in the

current building’s façade. In 1832, the 2nd Earl of Dunraven

and his wife Lady Caroline Wyndham (the same family lived

History and Elegance in


Dining at Adare Manor

©Adare Manor

Pashley bike ©Adare Manor

Exterior of Adare Manor

©Adare Manor