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In 2019, cruising itineraries are more exciting than ever

before reaching unique destinations around the world,

introducing passengers to one-of-a-kind immersive


One of the best parts about cruising is that no two ships

are the same. When it comes to choosing your cruise style,

the options range from high-end luxury ocean liners to

cozy river cruises, or polar expedition and working ships.

Some are formal with tuxedo-attire gala dinners, while

others call for a dress code more along the lines of

wetsuits and Scuba gear, or parkas and winter boots.

Another bonus when it comes to cruising is that you get

to explore multiple destinations in one trip – oftentimes,

waking up in a new city or country. It’s a hassle-free way

to see the world.

In the following pages, look for exclusive promotions,

inspiration and ideas for your next cruise. Read about

extraordinary experiences on excursions that will have

you snowmobiling along Norway’s frosty coast under the

aurora borealis or learning about indigenous culture in New

Zealand’s sacred lands surrounded by volcanic mud pools

and geysers.

You’ll also learn that excursions aren’t always the highlight

of a cruise – if you love the idea of sailing the open seas,

a transatlantic cruise aboard a luxurious ocean liner is the

way to go. In these cruises, there are no excursions; instead,

the magic happens on the ship.

Whatever your style, wherever you choose to go, there is

a cruise for you.

Get onboard for a travel experience unlike any other.

Sail Away