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If you are involved with a food and beverage operation, you know that product safety and

compliance are paramount. One of your biggest concerns is bacteria, which can form in

the most unexpected places — including often-overlooked locations within your machine’s

cabling and connectors. Lapp Group has a long history of helping manufacturers keep these

areas as clean and germ-free as possible through innovative products that are designed to

resist bacteria and other contaminants.

We have been collaborating with many well-known organizations within all market

segments to help them increase the productivity and safety compliance of their food

and beverage operations.

• Dairy processing/technology

• Meat and fish processing

• Baking and confectionery processing

• Bottling plants

• Packaging equipment

You’ll find Lapp Group components hard at work powering operations

and providing optimum hygiene protection in three key manufacturing zones:


Food zone

This is where machine parts such as stirrers, filling nozzles, blades,

and cutters come in direct contact with food.


Splash zone

These are areas and machines that come in contact with food

through spraying.


Non-food zone

This includes all parts of the plant not in direct contact with

food, such as secondary packing machines, as well as equipment

located outside washdown areas.

Helping you maintain a

safe and hygienic operation.