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The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA) states that food producers

must take all the necessary steps to prevent food-borne illnesses and pathogens.

This reform is critically important to both manufacturers and consumers.

• One food-borne pathogen can shut down an entire plant, which along

with the associated reopening, can result in many hours of downtime

that can cost millions of dollars.

• Roughly one in six Americans will contract a food-borne illness every year.

Lapp Group helps manufacturers remain compliant by offering a reliable range

of products that are Ecolab certified and use FDA approved materials. They

provide maximum uptime and safety for food and beverage manufacturing

applications; and with eight integrated brands to choose from, you can rely on

Lapp Group to be the only resource you’ll ever need.

A spotless record

in food and beverage