DDF1 Doppler Direction Finder Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. DDF1

Get in on the fun of radio direction finding (RDF) with this super kit ! The latest in affordable Doppler direction finding equipment available in a complete kit form ..this one even includes the receiving antenna. A must for the “fox hunter” at an unheard of price! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For  Elegant and cost effective design thanks to WA2EBY ! Featured in May / June 1999 QST Articles.  Solid state antenna switching for “rock solid” performance.  Convenient LED 22.5 degree bearing indicator.  Audio Level indicator for trouble free operation.  Adjustable damping rate, phase inversion, scan enable / disable.  Complete with home brew “mag mount” antennas and cable, designed for quick set up and operation.  Utilizes latest high speed CMOS technology for signal conditioning and audio processing!  Complete and informative instructions guide you to a kit that works the first time, every time - enhances resale value, too ! Publication

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