Poken Sponsorship brochure


For the first time ever, EADV will be using Poken technology

WHAT IS POKEN? Poken is your digital business card and digital briefcase that makes networking extremely fun and efficient. It is a small USB stick that allows you to collect the contact details of colleagues as well as digital documents with a simple touch. Every event participant will receive a Poken upon arrival.

HOW WILL POKEN BENEFIT MY EVENT EXPERIENCE? Keeps you up to date with valuable event information even before you arrive. Allows you to network with Professionals in a fun and engaging way. Conveniently gathers all your new contacts in one place. All the information you wish to have is collectedwith a simple touch, saving you from carrying bags of heavy brochures. Plus it’s great for the environment. Let’s you keep your contact details and collected informa- tion up to date; even after the event. WHAT IF I HAVEMORE QUESTIONS? Check a detailed video in our website http://www.eadvamsterdam2014.org/the-meeting/poken/ or contact us at: eadv2014@poken.com

HOWDOES ITWORK? Just touch one Poken to another person’s Poken and they glow: You’ve exchanged business cards. Touch a Poken to a Touchpoint, and you collect a document. TOUCH IT: Collect digital business cards by touching your Poken to those of other visitors, by placing the hands together palm-to-palm. Collect digital media from Touch- points in the exhibition by touching them with your Poken in the same way. You’ll see the light glow green! GET IT: Plug your Poken into your computer’s USB port, log in with the credentials provided to you (you will receive an email), and press the sync button to see your new contacts and the digital media you’ve collected. SHARE IT: Seeall thebusinesscardsanddocuments you`ve collected in your account. Sync with Outlook, download to your computer, or view everything on your mobile phone. Based on the details sent via email. Add your social net- works and a picture, so people can easily remember you and find you. Take 50 seconds to watch the video on how you can most effectively use your Poken at the event. When you log in, you’ll notice there is also a lot more useful informa- tion about the event you’re about to attend – go check it out!

2 8-12 October, 2014 Amsterdam RAI, Convention Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.eadvamsterdam2014.org

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