The Retailer Spring_09.05_FA

How do we obtain data-driven insights? Digital innovators will focus data mining and analysis on product performance, pricing optimisation, and customer experience optimisation. Data leaders in the retail space are putting more emphasis on customer insights and social analytics. Having a holistic view of who customers are will be a major differentiator for brands. Bridging the gap between personal and social data to a customer profile will be the key to meaningful, personalised experiences that will inspire loyalty and frequency. How do we win the battle for retail talent? The workforce is multi-generational. Retailers need to attract, retain, and leverage talent rapidly, without spending time away from the sales floor managing administrative processes; the workforce is seasonal and has high employee turnover. Consider that candidates of the future will likely require a complex mixture of soft, interpersonal as well as detail-oriented digital skills. Tackling recruitment requires new thinking and business processes designed to attract candidates best able to create consumer moments that truly matter.


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