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The Rhine is one of its most important shipping routes, ferrying cargo like grains and petrochemicals around the country – with DP World facilitating operations via its network of inland terminals. Localised logistics hubs, a concept often referred to as Urban Consolidation Centres (UCC), have become increasingly popular, inspired by the freight strategy for the 2012 Olympic Games which saw deliveries streamlined by channelling them via a central warehouse, before sorting goods into fewer vehicles for the last mile. We’re seeing similar moves across the industry, with 3PLs increasingly on the lookout for suitable locations to create urban footholds, simplifying operations and reducing the need to take as many heavy polluting vehicles into city centres. These options could offer alternatives when it comes to fulfilling e-commerce operations or small store deliveries – in essence delivering to customers located in densely populated areas in greener ways

Marrying up innovation and new technology

All of this is smarter trade in action; leveraging existing infrastruc- ture and proven technology to move goods in bulk and via modes of transport that are less harmful to the environment. In the coming weeks and months, we will be revealing more about some of the innovations we’re working on. But in the meantime, why not contact us to learn a little more – or be a part of our innovative approach to multimodal, inner city delivery.

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