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As if that wasn’t enough they also have a range of events including concerts, healthy food markets , fashion week and knitting parties. That’s on top of having an enviable list of exhibitions from upcoming and established artists. But Anjte is not going to rest on her laurels enjoying the current success of Bikini Berlin. Asked about the future her focus is clearly on her customers. “Retail experience – point of sale is becoming point of experience!” While we cannot easily replicate the success of Bikini Berlin on every high street in the UK, it is clear there are lessons to be learned from their phenomenal rise. And Anjte’s advice is clear: “dare to do something new, it’s worth it.” In this time of seismic transformation we need to stop looking internally for all of the answers and look at what drives thriving retail across the globe, embracing change . As the tagline for Bikini Berlin says: “Change isnot anagenda, but a principle.”

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