Communication Matters

Communication matters

95% may have at least one communication impairment.

Speech Pathology Australia has sent you the link to our Communication Matters YouTube Clip. We urge you to watch the video with your staff. Statistics show that up to 95% of your residents may have at least one communication impairment. Type “communication matters” into YouTube to watch a short video on the importance of communication for people in residential aged care.

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Communication impairment might include difficulty: speaking clearly; thinking of the words; understanding others; reading; writing and, keeping up with fast paced conversation. We communicate to request things we want and make choices, express our feelings, share stories and connect with friends. Your residents with communication impairment

the potential to interact, to make informed choices and to convey basic wants and needs. Speech pathologists have the expertise and skills to identify new, innovative ways around communication impairments and help residents in aged care settings to participate in engaging , interactive environments that facilitate communication. With time, creativity and support, communication can and should be improved. Irrespective of a person’s age, place of residence or circumstances, communication is an intrinsic part of everyday life and interactions. Communication is a basic human right and should be seen as a necessity, not a luxury. Help make communication a priority for all: join the communication challenge! Speech pathologists work with people of all ages with communication disorders.

Communication difficulties can be caused for many reasons including, stroke , hearing loss , vision impairment and degenerative neurological conditions such as Parkinsons' Disease and Dementia.

will have communication strengths, in some cases sitting beneath the surface waiting to be unlocked or revealed. This person may still have

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