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~ Chrysanthemums~ Mums from Minnesota has been in business for over 75 years. Our hardy Minnesota stock is carefully grown, rouged true to name and state inspected. Our rooted cuttings are sold in a 25 cell, 1 variety strip. You pick the varieties or let us know what you are going to use them for and our chrysanthemum specialists will choose the ones that will give you the most success for your particular application. Shipping dates for the chrysanthemums will be from the first full week in February to July 1. Culture sheet and pinching diagram included with each order. Ordering information: All direct sales orders must be received at least 4 weeks in advance of shipping date. Payment must be received prior to shipping. For broker order, please contact your representative for information on order deadlines and payment.

Order early to insure availability!

Adorable Bloom Date: Sept. 15 Gorgeous clear, bright rose- pink with salmon reverse.

Autumn Beauty Bloom Date: Sept. 15. Very early, large brilliant reddish- chestnut flowers. Bushy plant 18-22” tall.

*Autumn Delight Bloom Date: Sept. 20 A brilliant orange-red decorative cushion. Strong plant that digs well.

Autumn Fire-U of M Bloom Date: Sept. 15 Fully double 4” decorative glowing burnt orange flowers on a willowy-stiff stem. Can grow up to 20” tall and 30” wide.

*Baby Tears Bloom Date: Sept. 10

Belle O’ The Ball Bloom Date-Sept. 20 Exquisite 5” rich lavender flowers on a very dark green 24” plant.

*Best Regards Bloom Date: Sept. 15

Betty Lou-U of M Bloom Date: Late August Striking red button, early bloomer. Attractive addition to any garden with excellent winter hardiness.

Autumn Sunset Bloom Date: Sept. 5

Pure white 1” button on a 12” tall rounded plant. Excellent pot plant and long lasting.

Fiery red, gold & yellow on every petal. A full 16” plant with many 3” flowers. A real favorite.

A large old gold flower on a cushion plant. A very prolific bloomer.

*Bristol White Bloom Date: Sept. 15 A stunning 4” white decora- tive flower on a sturdy round mounded plant. Can reach 16” tall.

Bronze Giant Bloom Date: Sept. 22

Brown Eyes Bloom Date: Sept. 4 Deep golden bronze decorative button with a darker center. Plants grow 18” tall with lots of flowers.

*Burnt Copper- U of M Bloom Date: Early September Very distinctive for it’s showy display of orange/bronze fully double pompom flowers on an upright plant.

*Cameo Bloom Date: Sept. 15 An excellent true pink 2” blossom on a full 15” cushion plant.

Imposing 5” flowers of bright intense bronze. Very decora- tive and ideal for cutting.

Carrousel Bloom Date Sept. 20, Spiky purple petals with a silvery reverse. Plants have sturdy stems. 26”

*Centerpiece-U of M Bloom Date: Sept. 5 Flowers are 4” deep lavender duplex quills which show frost resistance. A very uniform 24” plant which produces an abundance of cut flowers.

Cheerleader Bloom Date: Sept. 25 A big incurved deep gold/ orange football mum which can be disbudded for 5-6” blooms.

*Daisy White Bloom Date: Sept. 10

*Centennial Sun-U of M Bloom Date: Sept. 5 Bright yellow, fully double 1½” flowers cover this uniformly mounded 16” plant.

Large 3” white daisies on a very strong uniform plant are great for cutting.

*Dolliette Bloom Date: Sept. 25

*Dorothy Degn Bloom Date: Sept. 5

Fancy Free Bloom Date: Sept. 25 This variety has soft lav- ender football-like blooms. Can be disbudded for 5-6” flowers.

Gold Country-U of M Bloom Date: Sept 7 Nice stiff stems make this a great cut flower. Attractive fully double 4½” flowers top this 20” tall plant.

Golden Mound Bloom Date: Sept. 12 Excellent golden-yellow cushion that looks great as a border.

An extremely interesting novelty cushion. Bronze Spoon with red tips. This one is picked up by customers as soon as it blooms.

Brilliant sparkling, jewel like pompom flowers of bright red with smoky center make this 16” plant one of our favorites.

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