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The VCCS Chancellor’s Teaching Fellows are designed to expand our recruitment efforts through two fellowship opportunities. Our goals is to reach potential applicants who have traditionally not been candidates for employment with the VCCS and to build a more robust talent pool from which to select the best part-time faculty. A significant portion of our full-time faculty begin their career with the VCCS as part-time faculty, making it vital for us to ensure that our applicant pool is as diverse as possible. Please note that this is a hiring pool, and there may not be a position available in your discipline at the time you apply but your application will be kept on file.

How do I apply? To apply visit:

What are the benefits of the program? Fellows are able to gain teaching experience under the guidance of a full time faculty mentor. Mentors serve as a coach and role model and support the fellow to ensure his/her work is of the highest standard, commensurate with the VCCS reputation for excellence in classroom teaching. What is the pay for the program? A Teaching Fellow is paid the same as any part- time adjunct professor. The pay per course ranges from $1839 - $3879 for a three credit hour course. Pay is based on an individual’s credentials and experience. “The VCCS Teaching Fellows program granted me the opportunity to receive my first teaching appointment. The program and mentorship I received was phenomenal. This experience was rewarding and was the launch pad that sparked my interest to pursue a doctoral degree and career in higher education.” – Dr. Crystal Wynn, Assistant Professor, Dietetics, Virginia State University I ’m interested in an adjunct position that just became available in my discipline. Should I apply? Yes! If you qualify to teach the course, you are encouraged to apply. This applicant pool is just one resource our hiring managers use to identify candidates.

Should a college have interest in moving forward, you may be asked to complete a second application for their records. What am I eligible to teach? Every course and subject we offer can be taught by a Teaching Fellow. Our colleges offer courses that are traditionally freshman and sophomore level. Visit to determine if the VCCS offers courses that you are eligible to teach at the college(s) of your interest. How can I check the status of my application? Applicants should contact colleges directly for status updates. Hiring decisions are made at the college level, therefore The dean who oversees the program in which you are eligible to teach will be your best resource. Please note, this is an applicant pool. A position may not be available when you submit your application. What is the deadline to apply? Because this is an applicant pool, there is no deadline to apply. You can apply at any time and your application will be kept on file for a year. Where can I learn more? Visit our website: Contact our program coordinator:

Minority Professional Teaching Fellow: This fellowship is for anyone who has earned a master’s degree and is interested in teaching in their discipline. Graduate Student Teaching Fellow: T his fellowship is for individuals who are currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. Qualified applicants will have completed 18 graduate credit hours in the area they are interested in teaching. International students on F-1 Visas are not eligible to participate in this program due to federal employment law.

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