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With the heightened importance of thorough cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces PPC is proud to offer two excellent options for effective large - area cleaning and sanitizing needs. These chemical technologies and the foam - on cleaning technique are standard in the food processing industry but can be applicable to any business looking to efficiently and economically clean and sanitize large common/public spaces.

Atlantic Cold Fog – Specialty Hydrogen Peroxide Cold Fogging Additive to Treat Interiors of Transportation Vehicles & Enclosed Spaces

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• Reduces contaminants and eliminates odors providing fast and effective sanitizing of all surfaces. • Can be applied by cold fogging misting equipment to the interiors of vehicles, plants walls, floors, most furniture, most fabrics, and almost all non - porous and semi - porous surfaces within a vehicle or structure. • Can also be used in non - recirculated spray - on and mop bucket applications. ATLCOLDFOG - 5 ATLCOLDFOG - 55

5 Gal Atlantic Cold Fog

55 Gal Atlantic Cold Fog

Atlantic Kleen 004 – Concentrated Detergent and Bleach Foaming Cleaner (after dilution product is similar to “ Clorox Clean Up Cleaner + Bleach ”) • Recommended dilutions: 0.5% - 5% depending on soil load • Minimum dilution of 0.5% will produce a minimum 200ppm Chlorine • Foam - on product application • Must be rinsed away thoroughly as final step • Contains bleach, surfaces should be pre - tested before use Atlantic Kleen 005D – Concentrated Detergent and Peroxide Foaming Cleaner • Recommended dilutions: 1% - 5% depending on soil load • 1:5 (20%) dilution will produce a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution • Product can be foamed - on or applied by spray or mop - and bucket • Pretesting of surfaces recommended • Active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) decomposes to water and oxygen, final rinse for detergent residue Part # Description ATLKLEEN004 - 5 5 Gal Atlantic Kleen 004 ATLKLEEN004 - 55 55 Gal Atlantic Kleen 004 Part # Description ATLKLEEN005D - 5 5 Gal Atlantic Kleen 005D ATLKLEEN005D - 55 55 Gal Atlantic Kleen 005D

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