PPC Catalog

Welcome to the SUMMER and Early FALL edition of the PPC S - CORE Catalog. Over the last few additions you have likely noticed some minor changes where we may have added full page ads or specific product call outs. This is and will continue to be an ongoing evolution and in that vein we have made some changes that I hope you will find helpful. We have segmented the products within our S - CORE offer based on Product Categories then by Brand. This is to help you review and compare like products when determining which would work best for your needs either from a performance or value perspective. We have also added a specific section dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting products to assist with the day to day health and operations of your facilities and equipment used by your most valuable assets, your employees. As with everything we do at PPC Lubricants, our goal is to provide you with solutions that meet your needs. If you come across a need for an ancillary item similar to those found within this catalog but not contained, please do not hesitate to ask your Sales Representative or contact me directly and we will research and find the best solution to meet those needs. Also, a special reminder that during these very hectic times where product availability and pricing is constantly changing, pricing can change without notice. While we will do our best to update the electronic version of this catalog, pricing in the catalog may not accurately reflect the true prices.

Thank you for your business.


Geoff Bohlender

Director of S - CORE Solutions


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