Huntsville, AR-2018

Madison County IPTV vs. Satellite Service

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Madison County IPTV service has more quality channels in their basic package than satellite services. Madison County IPTV provides such channels as The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel, Fox Sports SW (Cardinals Baseball),

Reliability No Rain Fade During Storms

Whole Home DVR Service Record and Watch from any TV

More Quality Channels

Radar and Forecast at the Push

Outdoor Channel with Basic Package

Caller ID and Voicemail on the TV

Lower Monthly Rates

(Speed) in their basic package for

iPad and Mobile Device DVR Programming

Madison County IPTV Basic package to that of Satellite’s standard priced package and see the savings. Madison County IPTV provides di ī erent packages for di ī erent

Friendly Local Service and Repair

Lower Maintenance fees than Satellite Services

Area Repair Service

compare Quality Channels over

738-2121 H U N T S V I L L E , A R K . M A D I S O N C O U N T Y T E L E P H O N E C O . , I N C .

113 Court Street, Huntsville, AR 72740 479-738-2121

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