USD Annual Report 1979/80

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University of San Die(jo


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This first annual report is the University's way of accounting to

The independent University which bears the city 's name was chartered in 1949. Today the University of San Diego includes the College of Arts and Science , School of Business Administration , School of Education, School of Law, Hahn School of Nursing , and the School of Graduate and Continuing Education . The years since the University's founding have evidenced a steady development. The San Diego College for Women, the first unit of the University at Alcala Park, began classes in February, 1952 . It was erected , financed , and equipped by the Society of the Sacred Heart. The second unit of the University, the College for Men, sponsored by the Diocese of San Diego , was opened in 1954. Its founder , the Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy , first Bishop of San Diego , envisioned its increasingly influential position in education both for the diocese and for the San Diego community. The first professional school on the Alcala Park campus , the School of Law, was inaugurated in 1954. Change and innovation have marked the educational development of the University of San Diego. In 1971, Author E. Hughes , Ph.D ., was appointed as the first layman President of the merging colleges . The early efforts to provide richer educational advantages to the students by sharing the curricula of the then separate colleges led to the full legal unification of the University of San Diego and the San Diego College for Women in July, 1972 . As a result of the unification , there now exists one board of trustees, one president , one administration , one faculty , and one student body. By the intent of its founders and by the mandate of its corporate declaration , the University is a Roman Catholic institution. Its distinctive characteristic within the pluralistic system of higher education is that it is both independent and Catholic. It is independent in that ultimate responsibility for the governance of the University lies in its Board of Trustees. It is Catholic by virtue of its commitment to the examination of the Catholic tradition as the basis of a continuing search for meaning in contemporary life .

you-our investors-for our stewardship. Its message is one of notable success. The University is financially sound and has had a balanced budget for the past five years. Consistent progress has been made on paying down the accumulated deficit in the current fund as shown in the financial statement included in this report. Your continued support has made it possible for us not only to maintain, but to enhance student services. This year these services included housing 1,190 residents on campus, counseling, financial aid, campus ministry, the Educational Development Center, the Educational Opportunity Program, career counseling, and the athletic programs. All of these are essential parts of the total educational environment provided to meet the USO student's needs. Included in this report you will find comparative charts that illustrate a 75.8 percent increase in enrollment since 1973, an increase that is surpassing predicted national goals. With enrollment at 4,428, we still continue to provide the individual attention so essential to effective education. The growth in enrollment, however, has created an urgent need for new facilities. To answer that need, the Discovery Campaign was begun early this year under the very capable leadership of Trustee and Campaign Chairman Helen K. Copley. Public announcement of the Campaign will be made in 1981. The USD family of dedicated staff, faculty and administrators is aware of the challenge it faces in planning and managing a growing institution in the 80 's . Review the successful fiscal year just ended. Envision the tasks ahead . Together, as partners, we can insure the success of the University as it strives toward greatness in its mission of education and service to the community.

The President's Message


Author E . Hughes President


School of Business

In June , 19~0, the School of Business

received accreditation for its undergraduate program from the American Assembl y of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Of the 600 schools of business in the United States , only 188 are AACSB accredited. The School of Business has grown • from 420 students in 1972/73 to the 1979/80 student count of 858 , an increase of 104 percent. The School of Business' MBA degree program is a general management degree, structured for people who work on a full-time basis . An average class size of 18 students Ninety-three percent of the faculty who teach MBA classes are full-time , and 90 percent have doctorates. The accreditation by the AACSB is based on a strict set of standards which includes the quality of the school's faculty, curriculum, student body, facilities and resources . In addition to the AACSB accreditation, the School of Business, as a component of the University, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. permits frequent contact and consultation with the faculty.

The Schools

In April 1980, a curricular proposal was funded in the amount of $50,000 by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The award makes possible the preparation and offering of team-taught, interdisciplinary ethics courses in the general education curriculum . Faculty are working on such courses as Ethics, Values, Business and Society, Morality and During the year, the College also successfully embarked upon the first phase of what will be a multi-year effort to renovate and expand science laboratory facilities . New offices have been provided for the chemistry faculty; the first psychology laboratory established; and through the generosity ., Education, and Ethics and Environmental Problems. of the Crippen family, two key chemistry labs in Camino Hall remodeled and brought up to new OSHA safety standards. Significant improvements were made in the Environmental Studies Program facilities, and major renovations and upgrading will occur in Serra Hall and in the Biology Department. The Biology Department now has the largest number of majors of any program in the College .



School of S~ve~al events • highlighted the Education academic year in the School of Education. After a three-year study, which included a survey of the needs of professional educators in San Diego , a doctoral program (Ed. D) was established . Classes began in January, 1979. The Ed.D. degree program is intended primarily to prepare highly competent professional educators for leadership positions in the schools and school systems . The program currently enrolls fifty-five students from a variety of fields including administrators, teachers, nurses, counselors, curriculum specialists, and supervisors. Students come to the program from as far away as Mexico, Malaysia and Canada. In August , 1979, Dr. Edward F. DeRoche was appointed Dean of the School of Education. The School of Education was awarded the Dean's Grant of $50,000 by the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, beginning in 1979, for each of three years . This provides federal funds for the pre-service training of school personnel to meet the needs of exceptional learners being mainstreamed in regular classes .


0 ege O 1979/1980 Arts & Sciences the Colleg~ of Arts and Sciences experienced both a quantitative growth and a qualitative enrichment. The College offered over 750 courses, an increase of some 8 percent over the prior year, and employed nearly 140 full and part-time faculty, the largest in its history. Altogether, 23 different majors are now offered within the College of Arts and Sciences. The Dean's Council, an advisory body of 22 community leaders, was formed during the year and acts as a vital liaison between the College and the San Diego public. The Council advises the Dean and the faculty on policy questions and problems and provides expert evaluation of trends affecting the arts and sciences . Two new curricular ventures, designed to complement a student 's traditional liberal arts major, were approved by the <:;:allege faculty in 1980. First, the Organizational Skills Certification Program which helps the liberal arts student acquire specific technical and communication skills that are important in a variety of occupational fie lds. The second innovation is admission of undergraduate students to the Paralegal Studies Certification Program. This program provides the necessary background skills that enable the student to seek employment as a trai ned paralegal.


BankAmerica Room



employed to assist in specialized areas and practice-oriented courses . The Law School is fortunate to have several Distinguished Professors of national and international renown: Kenneth Culp Davis, Ronald H. Maudsley , Nathaniel Nathenson , Herbert Peterfreund and Bernard Siegan. In 1979 the Labor Management Relations Center opened its doors at the School of Law as a non-profit, non-sectarian organization offering continuing education to the entire industrial relations community. Another of the year 's highlights was the inauguration of an experimental graduate program in Taxation in Los Angeles . On March 2 , 1979 , the faculty formally approved a Center for Public Interest Law . The center began operations in October 1980 . The American College of Trial Lawyers awarded the School of Law the Emil Gumpert Award , which recognizes excellence in the teaching of trial advocacy and carries with it a $ 10,000 grant. Emil Gumpert was the Chancellor and founder of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Previous schools to receive the award are Baylor , Cornell , Harvard, McGeorge , University of Pacific, Maine , Yale , Loyola of Los Angeles , and the University of Missouri . The financial grant to the School of Law is used to purchase video-tape materials, books , and other teaching materials , and enables faculty to attend educational conferences and conduct research . Both the Trial Techniques Course and the Advanced Trial Advocacy Program utilize the Law School 's Joseph P . Grace Courtroom, modeled after the original United States Supreme Court chamber in Washington , D .C. , and the Louis Brown Room , which is equipped with one-way viewing mirror and videotape equipment.

School of The Philip Y. 1:{ahn School of Nursing Nursing grants degrees to post R.N. students. Its curriculum was expanded to include two new programs during the past year: The Advanced Psychiatric Nursing program and a Master of Science degree program in School Health Nursing . In January, 1980 , the first students were admitted to the Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Graduate program . It is the only course of its kind in the San Diego / Imperial County region , and is funded through a $1 million federal grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. Students are provided with full tuition plus a monthly stipend throughout the two years necessary to complete the program. The graduate will be prepared to function as a psychiatric nurse clinical specialist and conduct psychotherapy in individual , group and family treatment modalities. The second program , a Master of Science degree program in School Health Nursing , was requested by school nurses in the community . This program enables them to obtain an advanced degree as well as apply for certification as a School Nurse Specialist.

School The University of San Diego School of Law of Law celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1979. In recent years the school has grown markedly in size and enjoys a national reputation for excellence . The Law School enrollment includes 700 full-time students , 230 part-time students , and 70 graduate students . In addition to the Juris Doctor degree , the school offers full and part-time programs leading to the Masters of Law and Masters of Comparative Law degrees. The Law School also offers International and Comparative Law Institutes in conjunction with host universities in Paris, France; London and Oxford , ~ England; and Guadalajara , Mexico. The law faculty consists of 42 full -time members . Approximately 25 - part-time faculty members are

Enrollment in the undergraduate program is holding steady and graduate enrollment has increased to 66 students . A preliminary survey of the first graduates of the Master of Science degree program shows that of 14 respondents , 3 former students are teaching in universities at Assistant Professor rank , 2 are employed as clinical nurse specialists , and the remainder are employed as administrators or supervisors in health care settings in the community .


Joseph P. Grace Courtroom More Hall


USD opened the 1979-80 year with a new athletic director, Father Pat Cahill , C. S. V. , and membership in a new athletic conference, the prestigious West Coast Athletic Conference . USD 's athletic program is in a process of growth. The athletic department has expanded to eight men's and seven women's teams. The men's teams include basketball , golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, and cross - country . They participate at the NCAA Division I level in the prestigious West Coast Athletic Conference. Football remains an NCAA Division III independent and crew is an independent NCAA member. The women's program belongs to the Southern California Athletic Association. USD's women participate at the AIAW Division I level in volleyball , basketball, and tennis. The cross country, swimming, and softball teams participate at the Division II level and crew participates as an AIAW independent. The growth of the athletic program reflects the growth of the University as a whole. The percentage of students participating in intramural sports has grown 21 percent every year since the inception of the program 3 years ago . Last year, 3,490 students- participated. Recreation classes have doubled since 1975 with 750 students enrolled in 69 ., classes.

Student Life

The School of

School of Graduate & Continuing Education

Graduate and Continuing Education

schedules classes to complement the life style of non-traditional students , thereby responding to their professional and enrichment needs. Seminars and workshops extend the resources of the University to new publics. The long range goals of the University include greater emphasis on graduate and continuing education to respond to the student profile changes in the 1980's. Two successful Continuing Education programs completed this year were the Lyle L. Jones Antitrust Conference and Pastoring to Today's Christian Community. The Lyle L. Jones Antitrust Conference, a three-day conference, examined the damages phase of a Sherman-Act case, a critical, but often overlooked aspect of antitrust trials. The focus of the program was on the practical , and featured important changes in the substantive law, practical considerations in planning a case, selection and use of expert and non-expert witnesses, and techniques for effective presentation at trial. Highlighting the conference were demonstrations in a courtroom format

of damage witness examinations by outstanding antitrust trial lawyers. Pastoring to Today's Christian Community was composed of eight summer religion programs which addressed several needs and attracted a variety of special interests in the religious communities. Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions were the focus of two institutes: Women in Ministry and the Fourth Annual Theological Institute: Christology and Christian Eschatology. Parish renewal programs included: Working in the Church (a workshop in management skills); the theological and pastoral dimensions of the Rites of Christian Initiation; Family Ministry-Catechesis in the Parish; contemporary concerns in Prayer and Politics and a creative dialogue on American Spirituality, and Voices of Authority.

Increasing ways to improve student participation in all phases of our intercollegiate and intramural programs, is one of the ways USD

USO does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex. color. religion, age. national origin , ancestry, or handicap in its policies and programs.

fulfills its commitment to the education of the whole person.




Year Ended

August 31, 1980

August 31, 1979

REVENUES Tuition and fees Federal grams Private gifts, grants and other contracts Athletics, recreation and orher

uso• National • 1973 is Base Year



$ 11,858, 140

576,640 536,202 38,542

322,685 456,82 1

19 ,6 11

15 ,526,606

12,657 ,257

Sales and Services of Auxiliary Enterprises Student residence and board Food services

2, 101,895


.... ~ 1fi11 'i 11 73 74 75 76 Enrollment Comparisons 77 Full Time Enrollment 78 79 Public & Independent Schools Between 1973 and 1979 full time enrollment grew 77% at USO. During that same time enrollment throughout the nation in public and independent schools rose only 14.6%.

249,733 623 ,459

180,580 538 ,175 33 ,889

Bookstore Print shop Special events

32,75 1

Growth A Revue and Projection

511 ,269

_ _ 455 ,633

Total Auxiliary Enterprises

3,519, 107

2,65 l ,224

Other Sources Interest and dividend income Vending commissions and miscellaneous Total Revenues EXPENDITURES AND TRANSFERS Educational and Ge11eral Instruction Academic support Student services Institutional support Operation and maintenance of plant Scholarshjps Athletics and recreation Total Educational and General Expenditures


236,770 125,193




Operating Costs (Deficit/Surplus)

7,755,367 l ,094,922


952, 167 686,810


2, 157,069

1,812 ,763

888, 197

787,7 18 788 ,550 6 13,854



14,6 15 , 13 1

12,454 ,664

Auxiliary Erzterprises Student residence and board Food service Bookstore Print shop Special events Total Auxiliary Expenditures



333,512 556,849 49,592 432,415

232 ,642 507,763 38,332 356,227

l~rrl 'b <-, ~– 'b· 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80


2,491 ,468

Mandatory Tra11sfers for Debt Service and Matching Grants

887 ,902

495 ,844

Nonmandatory Transfers for Plant Expenditures and Loan Grants Total Expenditures and Transfers


74 75


77 78




Financial Summary

Enrollment (Headcount)




of Unrestricted Current Fund Expenditures (Millions)





This infonmnion shown herein has been summarized by lhe Unive.r1i1y's Comp«rollcr·s Office from its financial rtcords. A copy of the Uni\'ersi,y's audited financial statcmcn1s is available from Or. William L. Picken. Vice-Prc~iden1. Unive.rsi1y Relations. upon rcqueSI. 11


The University of San Diego is pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge publicly its many benefactors. The roster below re0ects gifts received during the University's fiscal year September 1, 1979 through August 31, 1980. Contributions received after August 31, 1980 will appear in the 1980-81 annual report , to be published in Fall 1981. The listing does not include pledges. Numbers following the names represent the number of years of giving; an italicized number indicates an increase in the size of the 1979-80 gift. President's Club ~:sident's Club, formed in 1975, is an annual support group comprised of alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations who contribute $1,000 or more each year to the University and its programs. Dr. B. W. & Dr. Ethel Aginsky 2 Dr. Harold M. Agnew, General Atomic Company 4 The Ahmanson Foundation 7 Mr. Robert Ahmanson , The Ahmanson Foundation 7 The Allstate Foundation 6 Anthony's Fish Grotto 7 Mr. & Mrs. Carlton R. Appleby Alumnae of the Sacred Heart of Colorado 9 Atlas Hotels 2 Mr. John W. Aucott, Texaco, Inc. 2 Bank of America Foundation 12 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Barger 8 Dr. Eugene Barr, Union Carbide Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bartell 5 Dr. & Mrs. Wilson B. Baugh 7 Mr. Hewes A. Bell , Pacific Telephone & Telegraph 11 Mr. Robert S. Bell, Teledyne Charitable 'Irust Foundation 6 Mr. Legler Benbough Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bender 7 Mrs. Robert A. Berger 3 Big Bear Super Markets Capt. & Mrs. William R. .Boehm, USN (Ret.) Mr. & Mrs. John D. Boyce 2 Mr. C. Terry Brown , Atlas Hotels 2 Mrs. Helen Anne Bunn 7 Carnation Company Foundation 8 Mr. & Mrs. Armistead B. Carter 7 Central Federal Savings & Loan Association 2 Mr. Murli T. Chellaram 2 Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coldwell Banker 2 Mrs. Harry A. Collins 7 Dr. & Mrs. John N. Comito 2 Mrs. James S. Copley 6 James S. Copley Foundation 13 Mr. Lawrence Cox, Security Pacific Charitable Foundation 11

Dr. & Mrs. Earl R. Crane 7 Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Crippen, Jr. 6 Crocker National Bank Mr. John M. Crowley, Ticor Foundation 5 Cubic Corporation 7 Mr. M. L. Dalton Mr. Justin Dart, Dart Industries, Inc. 2 Dart Industries, Inc. 2 Mr. Lowell Davies, Ina & Ray Harris Fund; Avis Scott Porterfield Fund 3 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Culp Davis 3 Mr. & Mrs. Alex DeBakcsy 8 Mrs. Charles Deloy 3 Mr. & Mrs. J. David Dominelli 2 Mr. Daniel J. Donohue, Dan Murphy Foundation 2 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Doyle 5 Dr. William J. Doyle & Dr. Anita V. Figueredo JO Mr. & Mrs. William G. Duflock, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest O. Ellison 7 Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Erion Mr. Michael Eyer 5 Fashion Valley Associates 5 Dr. Anita V. Figueredo JO First Federal Savings & Loan 7 Mr. David Fleet, Fleet Foundation 6 Fleet Foundation 6 Mr. Thomas J. Fleming, Sr. , 919 Corporation 9 5 Mr. Kim Fletcher, Home Federal Savings & Loan Association 8 Foodmaker Corporation Mr. & Mrs. John D. Frager Mr. Nicholas L. Frazee, Frazee Industries Frazee Industries Mr. Milton Freeman Mr. C. Hugh Friedman 7 Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Fruin 6 Mr. Gene Gamble, Top O'the Cove 2 Mr. Fred W. Garry, Rohr Industries, Inc. 3

Mr. R. P. Van Zandt, Union Oil Company of California 8 Mr. & Mrs. George Vojtko 2 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wagner 6 Mr. Frank R. Warren , Warren Family Foundation 2 Frank R. Warren Family Foundation 2 W. K. Warren , William K. Warren Foundation 4 William L. Warren Foundation 4 Mrs. Karl A. Weber 6 Mr. Robert E. Welk, Santa Fe Railway Foundation, Inc. 6 Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation 3 Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Woltman 4 Mr. Ernest E. Yahnke , Bank of America Foundation U Mr. Walter J. Zable, Cubic Corporation 7 Al I ,,, S • Gifts of $100 to Ca 3 0CJety $999 made for unrestricted purposes qualify the donor for membership in the Alcala Society, a group of alumni, parents, and friends whose support maintains and expands the University's ongoing educational programs. Mr. Paul Ahern 2 Mr. Willis M. Allen Ms. Doris Y. Alspaugh 3 American Airlines 5 Mr. Lawrence Alexander 3 Arthur Andersen & Company Foundation 4 Mrs. John F. Arbuthnot 12 Associated Alumnae of the Sacred Heart of Arizona 9 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Avilla 4 Wells Fargo Bank 4 Western Motors 5 Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Weston 2

Mr. & Mrs. Emmett S. Harrington 3 Ina and Ray Harris Fund Mr. Joseph Hauber Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Hazard 8 Mr. Joseph Hibben , Hibben Foundation Hibben Foundation Dr. Donald A. Hicks, Northrop Corporation 3 Mr. & Mrs. L. Boyd Higgins Mr. W. R. Hilligoss, Western Motors 5 Home Federal Savings & Loan Association Mr. Frank B. Horner, Sears Roebuck Foundation JO Household Finance Corporation JI Dr. & Mrs. Author E. Hughes 8 \ Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Hughes J Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Hughes 7 j International Harvester 5 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Jachym 3 Mr. Gordon T. Jeffers, Carnation Company Foundation 8 Mr. Samuel J. Kahn 4 8 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kaplan 8 Dr. & Mrs. Edmund L. Keeney 4 W. K. Kellogg Foundation 4 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Kern Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kerr 7 Mr. & Mrs. William A. King 8 Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Kleinbub 11 Mrs. Julia C. Krafft 2 Mrs. Joan B. Kroc 2 Mr. Richard M. Larry, Scaife Family Charitable 'Irust 4 Mr. Irvin H. Levin, San Diego Clippers Basketball Club, Inc. 2 Mr. Edward J. Lewis, Frank J. Lewis Foundation Frank J. Lewis Foundation Mr. Gordon C. Luce, San Diego Federal Savings & Loan Association 6 Mr. J. L. McCormick , Household Finance Corporation JI Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Manchester 5 Dr. Russell G. Mawby, W. K. Kellogg Foundation 4 Charles E. Merrill 'Irust Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mitchell Dan Murphy Foundation 2 Mr. & Mrs. Josiah L. Neeper 7 Mr. & Mrs. S. Falck Neilsen 5 919 Corporation 9 Northrop Corporation 3 Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company 11 Mr. & Mrs. George M. Pardee, Jr. 3 Elizabeth Ann Parkman 'Irust 8 Mrs. Timothy D. Parkman, Elizabeth Ann Parkman 'Irust 8 Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Foundation 3 Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Phillips 6 Mr. & Mrs. John L. McLaughlin 8 Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Maas 7 1\ Mr. John Mabee, Big Bear Super Markets Mr. Robert Magowan, Charles E. Merrill 'Irust ] The Most Rev. Leo T. Maher, D.D. 7

Mr. James C. Pichel, Riverside Community Foundation 4 Mr. Robert Pitts, The Allstate Foundation 6 Avis Scott Porterfield Fund 3 Mr. C. Wesley Poulson , Coldwell Banker 2

Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Powell 3 Mr. & Mrs. Lee S. Prussia 2 Ralston Purina Company 5

Mr. Dick Rand , Rand , Day & Ziman Mr. & Mrs. Barney R. Renison 6 Riverside Community Foundation 4 Mr. Arthur L. Rivkin, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Rohr Industries 3 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Roon Mr. & Mrs. Leo Roon, The Roon Foundation 7 The Roon Foundation 7 Society of the Sacred Heart, California Province JI San Diego Clippers Basketball Club, Inc. 2 San Diego Federal Savings & Loan Association 6 Santa Fe Railway Foundation, Inc. 6 Scaife Family Charitable 'Irust 4 Ms. Lynn A. Schenk 7 Sears Roebuck Foundation JO Security Pacific Charitable Foundation 11 Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Seltzer 3 Seltzer, Caplan , Wilkins & McMahon 3 Dr. Seuss Foundation Mr. 0. Morris Sievert, Solar Turbines 5 James E. Spain Memorial Foundation IO Mrs. James E. Spain 5 Msgr. William D. Spain 7 Mr. Fred Stalder, Central Federal Savings & Loan Association 2 Mr. Harold B. Starkey, First Federal Savings & Loan Association 7 Mrs. Clarence Steber Mr. Ward B. Stevenson, Crocker National Bank Mr. Roger M. Stewart, United California Bank Mr. Donald Tartre, Peat Marwick.:, Mitchell Foundation 3 Mrs. Carlos Tavares 3 Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Taylor 3 Teledyne Charitable 'Irust Foundation 6 Texaco, Inc. 2 Mr. & Mrs. John McBride Thornton 3 Mr. Robert C. Sherburne 2 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Shillito Mr. & Mrs. Rex L. Shuffler Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Siegan 2


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Badke 2 Mr. & Mrs. Emil Bavasi 3 Mr. Don W. Beall 4 Mr. & Mrs. R . Charles Boeken 2 Mr. Daniel P. Boulay Ms. Joan E. Bowes Mr. Darrell D. Bratton 2 Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Brewster 2 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Brock 9 Mr. Ray Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Ed Brown, Jr. 8 Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Brown 8 Mr. Joseph P. Busch Mr. & Mrs. John M. Callahan 2 Rev. Robert T. Callahan 3 Ms. Alberta S. Casey 8 Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Chacon Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Cheseldine The Hon. Herbert Y. C. Choy Mr. & Mrs. Gordon S. Churchill 3 Mr. Joseph S. Ciesielski 3 Mr . A. J. Cigliano Miss Mary Agnes Clancy 12

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gaster 3 Mr. & Mrs. Theodor S. Geisel

General Atomic Company 4 Mr. Anthony Ghio, Anthony's Fish Grotto Mr. James Gibson, Wells Fargo Bank 4 Mr. Winston C. Gifford, Ralston Purina

Company 5 Mr. & Mrs. J. Philip Gilligan 5 Mr. William Gilman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Golden 4 The Robert Golden Foundation 4 Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Grace 7 Mr. Peter Grace, Grace Foundation, Inc. 2 Grace Foundation, Inc. 2 Mrs. Philip Y. Hahn 8 Philip Y. Hahn Foundation 5 Mr. Ronald Hahn , Fashion Valley Associates 5 Dr. Mary Hall, Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation 3 Mr. Ray Halpenny, California First Bank 3

Ticor Foundation 5 Top O'the Cove 2 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. 'Irepte 6 Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Trily 3 Tucker, Sadler & Associates 2 Union Carbide Corporation Union Oil Company of California 8 United California Bank University of San Diego Auxiliary 12

Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Harmon Mrs. Frances G. Harpst 9



Mr. Joseph E. Coberly, Jr. 2 Mr. Harry A. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Corbeil 3

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. McNamee Mr. & Mrs. John J. Malkind 3 Mr. Cha rles E. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H . Marston, Jr. S Mr. & Mrs. Ted R. Martin Mr. Edward Meese 2 Mr. Jack E. Michelson Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Miller 4 Mr. Tyler Miller Mr. & Mrs. David Mittleholtz 7 Mr. Gra nt Morris 4 Mr. Thomas E. Mullen Mrs. Leo Murphy 7 Mutual of Omaha 3 Mr. Edward Nares Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel L. Nathanson 3 Mr. Michael Navin 4 Ninteman Contrib Club S Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. O'Neil 4 Oscar's Peninsula Bank of San Diego Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Perkowski 2 Mr. Peter 's, Inc. 2 Mr. & Mrs. George A. Pnaum 6 Mrs. Leonard W. Pritchett 2 Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Ratner 8 Dr. & Mrs. George P. Rigsby IO Mr. & Mrs. Derle Robert Riordan 2 Mr. & Mrs. John H . Rippo, J r. 7 Mr. & Mrs. James I. Robinson 3 Mr. John Roche S Mr. Carlos Rodriguez Mrs. Ludowyn D. Ruggles 5 Mr. Bernard R. Rumps, Ill Mr . & Mrs. Richard W. Russell 3 Dr. & Mrs. Alvin L. Russo 5 Mr. James G. Ruud Mr. & Mrs. John B. Sardina, Sr . Mr. Frank Sbicca Ms. Marion J . Schmidt 8 Dr. & Mrs. Delwin Schneider 5 Mr. Gary Schons Mr. & Mrs. Edw~rd J . Seidlinger Dr. Donald A. Seivert 2 Ms. Colette Sevier Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Shea 5 Ms. Virginia V. Shue S Dr. Janet N. Siler 8 Mr. Robert Simmons 4 Mrs. Walter T. Slavey, Sr. 9 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. Y. So Mr. & Mrs. Leslie P. Spelman 6 Standard Meat Company 4 Mr. Wayne G. Strong 2 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Romack Mrs. Harold A. Roth 8 Mr. David L. Ramsay Dr . Willa D. Ramsay

Mrs. Marguerite Goodson McAnulty 2 Dr. Willa Deen Ramsay Mr . John G. Somers Mrs. Mary Ellen Olivares Teeter 8

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Volle IO Mr. & Mrs. Edwa rd Von Tobel, J r. Mr. William Wang 2 Dr. & Mrs. Donald T. Weckstein 10 Mr. Peter Weinstein 6 Mr. David H. West

Mr. Ralph J . Fear 6 Mrs. Sheila Anderson Giacomini 2 Mrs. Veronica Nutting Guthrie 3 Mr. Robert S. Jasak 2 Ms. Margaret J. McCarthy 6 Ms. Martha M. Roan 7 Mr. John J . Rodee 7 Ms. Patricia Sheehan• 5 Mrs. Gretchen Hirsch Smith Mrs. Patricia Buckley Teaff 4 Mrs. Eloisa Sanchez Thompson 3 Mr. J . Frederick Widmer 11 Mrs. Julia Hertle Wilson 4 1964 Mr. Eugene A. Bambie (Law) 2 Mr . John P. Baumgarten 4 Mr. Clarence H. Campbell III (Law) Mrs. Patricia Murphy Christopherson 8 Ms. Vi vienne Magnus Deutsch 7 Mr. Colin D. Fort Mr. Peter E. Gontang 8 Mrs. Margaret King Hughes Mrs. Maureen Pecht King 7 Mrs. Colette Paderewski McCanna 6 1965 Mrs. Marianne Rego Beyer 3 Ms. Maureen L an~d ale Buckley 2 Mr . J. M. Connolly 6 Mr . Nicholas M. DeTuri 2 Ms. Agnes West Dull 3 Mrs. Mary McMulla n Egan• 6 Ms. Loretta Fanning• 3 Mrs. Brenda Bartek Gomez 3 Mrs. Yvonne Salamy Johnson Mrs. Victoria Koss Kocar 7 Mrs. Geri Comeau McCabe 8 Mrs. Jeraldine Rock McLaughlin Mrs. Regina Forte Micone Mrs. Olga Lashchuk Miller Mrs. Kenneth E. Morgan Mr. K. A. Moyer Mrs. MariBeth Mattinson Rodee 7 Mrs. Margaret Lucia Martin Toland 9 Mrs. Sandra D'Agostino Wilimek 4 Ms. Jeanne R. Woody S 196(, Mr. Anthony F. Mournian 6 Mrs. Rosemary Ross Murphy Mr. Wayne G. Strong (Law) 2 Mrs. La Delle Willett-Stattin

Ms. Amelia Zolezzi Edwards


Mrs. Carlene Allen Galvan Mrs. Angelina Kraemer Kleinbub JJ Mr . Matthew A. McCarthy S Mrs. J ean Hicks Miller 6 Ms. Rowena Naidl 12 Mrs. Kathleen Cash Volle 10 Mrs. Dorothy Tato Wincek


Mrs. Beverly S. Cramb Mr. Thomas E. Crowley

Mrs. Molly Bill Westrate 3 Mrs. Donna Seery Widmer 1967 Mr. John J. Briesch 6 Mrs. Jean Gear Earl 11 Mrs. Jane Wydra Flynn 4

Dr. & Mrs. Stewa rt E. Dadmun 4 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J . Dalton 8 Mr. Joseph C. Daly, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Davis 7 Mr. & Mrs. Frank DeMarco, J r. Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas DePrizio Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Dittemore 3 Dr. & Mrs. Nevin H. Downs 11 Rev. A.G. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Emme Mr. & Mrs. John S. Evenson 6 Mr. & Mrs. Jerald F. Far rell 3 Mr. Robert C. Fellmuth 3 Mr . & Mrs. Richard M. Ferry 2 Mr. Colin D. Fort Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Fowlkes Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fox Mrs. Margaret O'Neil Freer Mr. Paul D. Freeman 3 Mr. I. J. Gabriel 4 Mr. John T. Geldermann 2 Mr. Ernest George Dr. & Mrs. Richa rd A. Gilman 2 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Gonzalez 5 Mr. John B. Gotfredson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Green 2 Mr . & Mrs. R. Clemson Griggs 8 Mr. & Mrs. William G. Grimm 4 D. C. Heath & Company Mrs. Susan M. Heath 3 Dr. & Mrs. Carl A. Hendricks 3 7 Ms. Ann H. Higginbotham Mrs. Marian Holleman 9 Mr. R. Earle Honnen Mr . & Mrs. Paul Horton 4 Mr. Harry G. John S Mr. & Mrs. Fon C. Johnson 8 Johnson & Higgins of California 2 Mr . John Kelleher 3 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Kidney Mr. & Mrs. Charles King 7 Mr . Patrick Klement Mr. Marvin G. Kreiger 4 Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Larsen 3 Mr. Larry Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Legro 11 Mr. & Mrs. Har vey Levine 4 Mr. Paul Che-Chung Ling Dr. Pa tricia Lowry Mrs. Edward Luberski Mrs. Timothy E. Lubers ki 4 Mrs. Justin M. McCarthy Mr. Harry Henke, HJ Ms. Mary Ann Hester Mrs. Russell Haag 4 Mr. Elwood Hain 3


Mr. Andrew Westhem 2 Mr. Quintin Whelan 2 Mr. Herhert Whyte 2 Mr. J. Frederick Widmer Mr. Jerry Williams 2 Mr. John M Winters 4 Mr. Paul Wohlmuth 4 Mr. & Mrs. E. Yoder Dr. & Mrs. George Zorn 2 Al


1960 Mrs. Marguarita Keirnan Antoniak 11 Mrs. Rosemary Malanga Campbell

Mr. Frank J . Ragen II Mr. Jay L. Schoch 2 Mrs. Kathleen Schweizer Smith 6 Mrs. Tessie Hart Theodorelos Mr. Paul M. Tuomainen 2 1968 3 Rev. Lawrence P. Dolan 2 Mr. Dennis J . Dunne 7 Mrs. Patricia Hughes Egan 6 Mrs. Jane Wydra Flynn• 4 Mrs. Marcheta Ledbetter Gardner Ms. Suzanne M. Grant• 6 Mrs. Patricia Russell Johnson 9 Mrs. Walter T. Slavey, Sr. 10 Mr. Robert J. Sullivan (Law) Mrs. Kathy V. Keig Vogel 7 1969 Mr. Henry AcquareUi Mr. Rob,ert J. Beaudine, Jr. 2 Mr. Ernest Borunda (Law) 3 Dr. Robert J. Brower 3 Mr. Rene J. Chevalier Ms. Karen Clarke Mrs. Margaret Koch Damberger 5 Mr. J. David Dominelli Mrs. Myrtianne Westcott Downs• Mr. Jules Fleuret 2 Ms. Sheila Harden* 2 Mr . James R. Allen 2 Mr. Richard Dittbenner Mr. Phillip J. Myles (Law) 3 Mrs. Kathleen Belly Orrantia Mrs. Margaret A. Wollitz Tomlinson 9 Mr. Peter J. Treadwell 2 Mrs. Jan Davidson Tuomainen 2 Mrs. Mary Ann Schultz Von Radics Ms. Mary E. Whalen 1970 Mr. Thomas G. Blake 3 Rev. Joseph A. Carroll• 3 Ms. Kristen A. Higdon 3 Mr. Douglas M. McKenzie Mrs. Mar y Ann Mar tin

Mrs. Angela B. Coughran Mr. John S. Everson 6

Mrs. Karene Lemke Everson 6 Mrs. Sandy Cassell Far rell 3 Mrs. Mary Esther Kupfer berg Jordan• 8 Mrs. Marcia West Legro 11 Mrs. Eleanor Jimenez McGuigan 6 Dr. Janet Naidl Siler 8 Mr. J . T . Trily Mrs. Janet Halla T rily Mrs. Jane Elder Unger Mrs. Joan C. Westphal 1961 Mrs. Cleo Farrell Angelton 6 Mr. Francis B. Bennett (Law) 11 Ms. Alberta A. Casey 8 Mr . Jan L. Chapman Mr . Eugene DeFalco 2 Mrs. Laura Ferlazzo Houle 5 Mr. Rohert M. Hughes Mrs. Mary Ellen Tsau Kjos JO Mrs. Mary Eleanor O'Donnell Lorch 14 Mrs. Lilia Nogot Nale 7 Mrs. Norene Mulvaney Provencher 2 Mrs. Constance Jimenez Salerno• 12 Mrs. Claire Fok-Tung Schell 6 1962 Mrs. Freda Vella Callahan 2 Mr. Brian D. Ford 6

• (An asterisk following

UDlffi the name indicates alumni of the University's graduate division.) 1950 Mrs. Stephanie Kratochvil Emme 1952 Rev. Msgr . Sean Murray 2 1953 Mrs. Margot Mcilvaine Washburn 1954 Mr. Anthony J . Da niels 6 1955 Rev. Msgr. Anthony A. Giesing Ms. Barbara L. Keller by Mr. Edgar J . Brown, Jr. 8 Mrs. Mary Fa rrell Burke 5 Mr. John F. Cihak 6 Mrs. Mercedes S. Gleason 7 Ms. Lilia A. Gonzalez 2 Mrs. Mary Esther Kupferberg Jordan 8 Mr. J ames S. Marinos (Law) 3 Mrs. Jane Crawford Morlino 13 Mrs. Marian Rogers Schmidt 8 Ms. Patricia Sheehan 5 Mrs. Reuben B. Town 12 1958 Mrs. Beverly O'Connor Bennett 10 Rev. Neal T. Dolan 2 Mrs. Ernestine Mix Herman Mrs. Georg ia King Kohlmeier 3 Mrs. E thel L. Lavorini 8 Mrs. Gael Keene Ralph 6 1959 Mrs. Katherine Seabrook Berger 3 Mrs. Honore Farrell Brown 8 Mr. Darby Kramer 8 Ms. Margo Aly Lester Mrs. Ruth Jimenez MacKenzie 2 Mrs. Constance Jimenez Salerno 12 1956 Mr. Robert Turpin 2 Mrs. Brian D. Woods 6 1957

Mr. Michael P. Gandolfi 3 Ms. Martha A. Golden 4

Mr. Richard C. Gray Mr. Curtis A. Hart 4 LCDR Lydia F. Kieler , USN (Ret .) 7 Mr. Charles King 7

Mr. James A. Longtin (Law) Mrs. Mary Bahan McCar thy

Mrs. Jean M. Manly 8 Mr . Kevin R. Quinn 8 Mr . Lawrence W. Shea S Mrs. Christine VerHalen Simon 2 Mrs. Jean-Marie Brody Skinner 3 Mrs. Peggy D' Agostino Thompson• 1963 Mr. Leonard J. Dalton 8 Mrs. Margaret Rosenberg Dunock S Mrs. Judy Failing Cole 6 Mrs. Thomas J . Condon 10 Ms. Colleen Conway 3

Mrs. Ronnie L. Bennett Mr. Ernest Borunda 3 Mrs. Betty Mae Brock Mrs. David E. Burns Dr. Joyce Ba ldwin Costello Dr. Michael D. Egan 6 Mrs. Kathleen Goodwin Ms. Suzanne M. Grant 6 Mrs. Elizabeth Hirst Mrs. Susan Chow Joe 5

Ms. Colleen Conway• Mr . Salvatore A. Daltio

Rev. Daniel J . Dillabough 2 Mrs. Kathleen Walsh Estey Mrs. Kather ine F. Franklin• 3 Mrs. Cristina Forester Gorman Mrs. Regina Bushard Goss Ms. Marilyn D. Grip 5

Mr. J ack W. Thornton, Jr. 2 The Hon. Mathew 0 . Tobriner Mr. John A. Tucker Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Vernon 2 Mr. & Mrs. William Vogel 7



Mr. Robert E. Morris Mr. Robert Thomas Morrison Dr. Donald T. Moynihan Mr. L. Wayne Mullane 4 Major & Mrs. Vincent Murone 3 Mr. & Mrs. Irving C. Mussen Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Nail Mr. Mehrad Nazari Ms. Jill Vranesh Neal Mr. & Mrs. Josiah L. Neeper 7 Mr. & Mrs. S. Falck Neilsen 5 The Hon. Leland C. Nielsen Mr. & Mrs. V. J. Ninteman Mr. Joseph F. Nunez Mrs. Erma Abel O 'Connor S Mr. Robert W. O'Connor Mr. John R. Oden Ms. Evangeline P. O ' Gara Mr. & Mrs. Carl G. Ohlund J Mr. & Mrs. John Oliver Mr. Jesse O 'Malley Dr. & Mr!.. James R. Orwig 2 Mr. & Mrs. Glen C. Paape Mr. Robert M. Packer Mr. & Mrs. George M. Pardee, Jr. 3 Mr. George Pernicano Mr. Herbert Peterfreund 3 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Phel Ms. Theresa A. Philler 3 Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. Phillips 6 Mr. & Mrs. John Provenzano Mr . & Mrs. Lee S. Prussia 2 Mr. & Mrs. J. William Pugh Ms. Polly Puterbough 2 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Quintana Ms. Lucille C. Rabun 9 Mr. & Mrs. Norbal B. Rader Mr. M. Raratjah Ms. M. Darlene Raftis Mrs. S. Randel Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Rea Dr. & Mrs. Alvin J. Reisch 3 Mr. & Mrs. Barney Renison 6 Ms. Ann M. Riebau Ms. Gwendolyn Sue Rine Dr. J oshua A. Rittoff 2 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Rivera Ms. Bahia Mary Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Kramer Rohfleiscb 6 Mr. Graham Roland Mr. & Mrs. R. Sherman Platt Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Plott 4 Mr. Timothy Pompey. Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Powell 3 Mrs. Gwen Prahl Mr. Hubert B. Price Mr. & Mrs. Sol Price

Mr. & Mrs. Emmett S. Harrington 3 Ms. Angela M. Hawkins Mr. Joseph Hauber Dr. & Mrs. Vital E. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Hazard 8 Mr. & Mrs. George E. Head Or. George Herrmann Mr. Phil Herron Ms. Vera Marie Hessian Mr. & Mrs. Fr:mk J. Rickey Mr. & Mrs. L. Boyd Higgins Mr. Will Hippen, Jr. 6 Mr. Bernard M. Hollander 3 Mr. R. Jerry Holmberg 4 Ms. Carol Holmes Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Holt 6 Mr. Raymond L. Hoobler Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Hope Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Hope, Jr. Ms. Karen A. T. Horn Mr. & Mrs. Robert House Dr. & Mrs. Author E. Hughes 8 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J . Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Rober t M. Hughes 7

Mr. Edward Kujolic Mr. Dennis Lavine Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. Lawrence 2 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ledbetter Ms. Veronica Lee Mr. Leslie S. Leeper, CLU 3 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Lench 4 Mr. Sean Levy Mr. & Mrs. A. Ingersoll Lewis Mr. Marshall A. Lewis Mr. Robert F. Lewis 6 Ms. Ruth A. Leyhane 5 Mr. & Mrs. William Lilliott Ms. Ynes C. Lizarraga Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Lofgren Ms. Irene M. Lopez Mr. Sergio Louis Lopez 2 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Ludwig Mr. Eamonn F. Lyng 2 Dr. & Mrs. H. D. McCarthy Mr. John J. McCarthy 2 Mr. R. R. McAuley 2 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd McClain Mr. Bryan McCleney Mr. & Mrs. Jerry McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. McDonough Mr. & Mrs. Dan G. McLaughlin 2 Sister Virginia McMonagle, RCSJ Mr. & Mrs. Emil L. McNeely Mr. Tom McTeague Dr. & Mrs. Harry E. Maas Dr. Rodney I. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. W. A. MacLaughlin Mr. Frederick Morley MacMillan 3 Mrs. Linda Haldin McMorran Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Madruga Mr. & Mrs. H. Lary Magee 3 The Most Rev. Leo T. Maher, D.D. 7 Ms. Louise B. Mallison Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Manchester 5 Ms. Mar y E. McGoey Ms. Emily McIntyre

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Aides Mr. J ohn L. Allen Mr. Abdulrhman-y-Aleyyan Mr. & Mrs. J oseph Amagrande Mr. & Mrs. Carlton R. Appleby Col. & Mrs. Edward J . Arakelian Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Ault Dr. Joseph A. Ba iley, II Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Baldauf Mr. Brian C. Bales Mr. & Mrs. Richard Balestri 2 Dr. & Mrs. Manuel Barba 2 Ms. Carolynn Barbour-Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Barger 8 Mr. & Mrs. Philip J . Barile 2 Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. Barrett Mr. Gerald L. Barry, Jr. 2 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bartell 5 Ms. Jill E. Becotte Mr. Legler Benbough Mr. & Mrs. Frank J . Bender 7 Mr. Kurl Beniewchke Mr. Ernest W. Bennett 4 Ms. Lucia Reyes Bennett Ms. Lillian Berger 3 Mrs. Robert A. Berger 3 Mr. James Berglund Mr. & Mrs. Clem G. Berrill Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Bettencourt Dr. Henry G. Bone, III 2 Mr. & Mrs. Al Bores 2 Mr. Anderson Borthwick 3 Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Bottenberg J Mr. & Mrs. George Boukas Mr. Patrick Bowles Mr. & Mrs. John D. Boyce 2 Mr. Martin Breckner Mr. Lou Brito 2 Mr. & Mrs. J oseph Buoye 6 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buoye 2 Ms. Beatrice D. Burch Mr. & Mrs. Glen L. Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Burke 2 Mrs. Donald C. Burnham Mr. Bob Cadori 2 Dr. & Mrs. William F. Cahill Ms. Fay A. Cameron Dr. J oseph A. Capozzi Ms. Marie T. Carey Ms. Eileen Day Carson Mr. & Mrs. Armistead B. Carter 7 Mr. Kent B. Casady Ms. Edwina M. Castagna Mr. & Mrs. Everett Chambers 5 Mr. Bernard Chapman Mr. Mark Chapman Mr. Larry R. Brooks Ms. Josephine Buckley Mr. Edward J . Bungay 5 Ms. Joan Haza rd Betts 2 Ms. Carolyn Bissonnette Ms. Ann Blesener Capt. & Mrs. William R. Boehm, USN (Ret.) Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Boerner 2

Mr. Murli T. Chellaram 2 Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Chernoff Ms. Suzanne Chognard Mr. & Mrs. Peter Choconas 2 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Cholak Mr. & Mrs. Walter Christensen Ms. Veronica C. Ciebert Mr. & Mrs. J ack Cipra Mr. & Mrs. Armando Cisneros 2 Miss Mary Agnes Clancy 12 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Clark Dr. John Cleary Ms. Patricia Cloyd Mr. Paul J. Codd Mr. Ruben Cofsky Dr. William R. Coleman 2 Mr. Paul S. Collier Mrs. Harry A. Collins 7 Mr. Myles J. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Edwin T. Coman, Jr. 6 Dr. & Mrs. John N. Comito 2 Ms. Suzanne E. Conlon Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Connelly Mr. & Mrs. George D. Cooksey Mrs. James S. Copley 6 Col. & Mrs. Harold L. Corey 2 Mr. & Mrs. DonaJd A. Coscarelli Mr. Joe Costello Mr. Cliff Crandall 2 Dr. & Mrs. Earl R. Crane 7 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Cronin, Jr. 3 Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Crippen, Jr. 6 Mr. Timothy P. Cronin Mr. & Mr~. Jack B. Cummings Dr. William P. Curran 2 Ms. Patricia L. Cutler Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Dainko Ms. Simonne Laberge Daly Mr. M. L . Dalton RADM & Mrs. James R. Davis (Ret.) S Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Culp Davis 3

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Endris Dr. Iris Engstrand 5

The Hon . William B. Enright Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Erion The Hon. Joe E. Estes Mr. Michael Eyer 5 Mr. & Mrs. J ohn Fabian Dr. & Mrs. James A. Fallows Mrs. Dearborn D. Farrar Dr. & Mrs. Pat-Anthony Federico Mr. James H. Fehlberg Ms. Elizabeth M. Ferguson 2 Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. Fischer 2 Mr. & Mrs. J ohn R. Fischer Dr. & Mrs. David Fitz Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Fleming Mr. Ralph Folsom Mr. & Mrs. John D. Ford, Jr. 6 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Frager Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Fredman Mr. Milton Freeman Mr. C. Hugh Friedman 7 Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Fruin 6 Ms. Judith Frye Ms. Kathryn T. Frye Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gabbs Dr. Kean S. Ganan Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gaster 3 Capt. & Mrs. R. H. Gautier Mr. & Mrs. Theodor S. Geisel Mr. & Mrs. John Geroe 2 Dr. L. Dean Gibson Mr. Carl L. Gilbert 4 Ms. Dorothy M. Gilford Judge & Mrs. David GiJI Mr. & Mrs. J. Philip Gilligan 5 Mr. William Gilman Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Gogo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Golden 4 Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Gompper Ms. Margaret C. Goodlett Mr. & Mrs. Jack Goodman 2 Mrs. M. D. Goodrich Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Grace 7 Ms. Marjo A. Gray 5 Ms. Judith Green Ms. Mimi Green Mr. Ronald D. Green Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gregory, Jr. Mr. Thomas V. Grimes Ms. Mildred I. Gunther Mr. James E. Hadobas Mrs. Philip Y. Hahn 8 Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Haley Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Halvorson 7 Mr. Wa lly Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. T. Denton Hammond Mrs. LaVerne L. Hanscom 2 Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Hanson Mr. William T. Hardy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J ohn J. Hargrove 2

Dr. David C. Huhn Ms. Joy Hujsak 2

Mr. & Mrs. James Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hunt 2 Dr. & Mrs. Gordon M. Hunzicker

Ms. Helen M. Hurteau Or. Thomas L. Hurst 2 Mr. & Mrs. Max Hutto 4

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Irving 3 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Jachyrn 3 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jacobs 3 Dr. Ray Ja llow Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Jeffries

Ms. Dorothy A. Jenison 3 Mrs. Hilerd W. Jenkins 5 Dr. Norman N. J erome 2 Mr. Donald R. J ohnson Mr. & Mrs. Phil L. Jupin Mr. Harold Kaemerle, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Alex DeBakcsy 8 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Delaney Ms. Carla De Lao Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dennehy Mr. & Mrs. Claude E . Denton Dr. & Mrs. Edward DeRoche Mrs. Charles Detoy 3 Mr. Bruce W. Diamond Mr. & Mrs. Mathew OiMaria J Mr. & Mrs. James Donovan Mrs. Roy E. Donovan 6 Mr. Chick Dorion 2 Mr. Michael R. Douglass

Ms. Eliza beth Manning Mr. George Manos 2 Ms. Rita A. Marcoux 2 Mr. Bert Marcum, Jr. Mr. Clarence Marcus Dr. F. M. Margolin

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Kaplan 8 Dr. & Mrs. Edmund L. Keeney 4 Mr. & Mrs. Irwin J . Kelly Mr. Richard H. Kelner Ms. Martha A. Kennedy 10 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Kern Mr. Walter Kerrigan Ms. Cora S. Kiley Mr. K. G. Kiley The Hon. Joseph Kilgarif Dr. Ronald D. Kilzer Mr. & Mrs. William A. King 8 Mr. Richard L. Kintz Ms. Marcia Bowman Klein 4 Ms. Edna C. Kline 2 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Knobloch Mr. Raymond V. Knowles Mr. Richard Kodet Mr. & Mrs. Spiro P. Koulentis

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Mariano, Jr. 2 Mr. & Mrs. Frederic M. Marshan Mr. & Mrs. James C. Martinez, Jr.

Mr. Ronald Maudsley 3 Ms. Susan Elaine Mayes

Mr. & Mrs. Frank.F. Mead Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Meals Mr. Milton F. Meissner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard N. Messier Ms. Carol Messina Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Metzger 2 Dr. David Miller Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mitchell Dr. Lawrence T. Moore 2 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Morgan Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Morin 9

Mr. & Mrs. J ohn L. Doyle 5 Or. & Mrs. William J. Doyle 10 Mr. David B. Dreiman Mr. & Mrs. William G. Dunock, J r. 5 Mr. Christopher T. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Thomas 0. DuVaU 2

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Roon Mr. & Mrs. Leo Roon 7

Ms. Irma P. Rooney Dr. Joseph Rost 3

Rev. Msgr. I. Brent Eagen 6 Dr. & Mrs. Wilbur Eich 2 Ms. Bernardine F. Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Ernest O. Ellison 7

Mr. & Mrs. Irving Roston Mr. & Mrs. James V. Russo Ms. Mildred Sacks

Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Harmon Mr. Frederick G. Harmon Mrs. Frances G. Harpst 9

Mrs. J ulia C. Krafft 2 Mrs. Joan B. Kroc 2



Organizations Abington Heights High School Albany Medical College 2 Alliance Francaise American Business Women's Association American Business Women's Association, Chia Chapter 2 American Business Women's Association, Harbor of the Sun Chapter 2 American Society of Women Accountants, North San Diego County Chapter # 81 3 American Society of Women Accountants, San Diego Chapter 2 Barstow Education Association Berlin American High School PTSA California Society of Certified Public Accountants (Auxiliary) 9 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter Eagle Mountain High School ASB Fraternal Order of Eagles, National City Aerie No. 2712 2 Government of American Samoa 2 Government of France 5 Grossmont High School Associated Student Body 2 Allan Hancock College Job's Daughters, International Order of Grand Guardian Council of California Julian Women's Club Kamehameha Activities Association 6 Kiwanis Club of Yucca Valley 3 KOFA High School 3 Marianas Naval Officers' Wives Club Commonwealth of Massachusetts 4 Mt. Whitney High School ASB National Merit Scholarship Corporation 3 Navy Relief Society 5 Officers' Wives Club Optimist Club, Coronado Oceanside Breakfast Optimist Club Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of California Our Lady of Refuge Church Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 2 Radnor High School Scholarship Fund 3 Resurrection Church Rest and Aspiration Club 2 Rogers High School Centennial Scholarship Committee Sacramento Boshers Baseball Players Association Alumnae of the Sacred Heart, Los Angeles 4 Alumnae of the Sacred Heart, San Diego 6 Religious of the Convent of the Sacred Heart 4 St. Michael's Church San Diego Bar Auxiliary San Diego County Citizens Scholarship Fund 6 San Diego Police Athletic Federation Sociedada Portuguesa Painha Santa Isabel Soroptimist International of Yucca Valley The South Shore Citizens Club, Inc.

Or. & Mrs. James E. Sandell Mr. Siamak Saremi Mr. & Mrs. John Saverino Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Saverino Mrs. John F. Scanlon Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Scarborough Mrs. James H. Schaefer Ms. Lynn A. Schenk 7 Mr. Jerome J . Schiefelbein Mr. & Mrs. Wa rren H. Schmidt Ms. Margaret A. Schoch 2 Mr. Kristopher Schulte Ms. Stacy L. Schultz The Hon. David Schwartz 3 Mr. Otto J . Scott Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Secan Mr. & Mrs. John E. Seidel Ms. Frances L. Sellers Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Seltzer Mr. Steve Serocki Mr. & Mrs. William Sexton Mr. Robert C. Sherburne 2 Mr. Fred Sherman 2 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Shillito Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Shine Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Shrawder 2 Mr. & Mrs. Rex L. Shuffler Mr. Joseph Shults 3 Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Siegan 2 Mr. & Mrs. 0 . Morris Sievert 5 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Simmons Mr. James Simmons Ms. Marilyn M. Skordas Ms. Mary Hoffman Smith 7 Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Snell 2 Mr. & Mrs. George J. Soares 3 Mr. Arthur E. Sousa Mrs. James E. Spain 5 Msgr. William D. Spain 7 Ms. Nadine Speck 2 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Sl)ringsteen Ms. Charleen Squerzi Mr. & Mrs. James G. Stark Mrs. Clarence Steber Mr. & Mrs. David A. Steck Mr. Albert T. Stehly Mrs. A. Richard Stern Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stocklin 2 Dr. Robert M. Stone 2 Ms. Sandra Sundquist Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Swedelivs Mrs. Carlos Tavares 3 Ms. Mildred L. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Taylor 3 Dr. & Mrs. A. Paul Theil 5 The Hon. Gordon Thompson, Jr. Dr. M. H. Thornburgh Mr. Royall Tomero Mr. Ben Townes 2 Mrs. William H. Tremear 2 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Trepte 6 Dr. Edwin D. Slatter Mrs. Anna M. Smith

Dick Blartk Insurance Agency Brown & Zammit Engineering, lnc. 2 Marvin K. Brown Cadillac 2

The Hon. Howard Turrentine Ms. Sarah E. Tuttle 2 Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Vallely Ms. Donna Van Donders Mr. & Mrs. John Van MacNair Mr. & Mrs. A. Van Norman Mr. Thomas L. Van Zant Or. Thomas Ray Vecchione 2

Mutual of Omaha 3 National Steel & Shipbuilding Company 4 National Vending & Sales 2 919 Corporation North American Reinsurance Corporation Northrop Corporation 3 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company O'Melveny & Myers 4 Oscar's Chester C. Pagni Company 2 Paine Webber Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Foundation 3 Peninsula Bank of San Diego Pepsi Cola Bottling Company 3 Pernicano's Pizza House & Delicatessen 2 Pervo Paint Company 2 Mr. Peter's, Inc. 2 Philip Morris, Inc. 2 Phillips-Ramsey Pintek Corporation Pirate Presidio Services Corporation Reico Insuranc.e, Inc. Rohr Industries 3 San Diego Auto Body Specialties, Inc. 2 San Diego Chargers San Diego Clippers Basketball Club, Inc. 2 San Diego Entertainment, Inc. San Diego Federal Savings & Loan 6 San Diego Gas & Electric 6 Santa Fe Railway Foundation, Inc. 6 Schoell & Paul, Inc. 2 Sea M/E Repairs Sears Roebuck Foundation 10 Security Pacific Charitable Foundation 11 Sequoia Builders Sids Air Conditioning, Inc. Solar Turbines 5 Southern California Edison Company Standard Meat Company 4 Stewart, Smith, Haidinger, Inc. System Generation Company Taxmart Bookkeeping Teledyne Charitable Trust Foundation 6 Ticor Foundation 5 Times Mirror Company Union Oil Company of California 8 Union Tribune Publishing Company 2 United First Mortgage Corporation U-Rent Furniture Era Walsh & Associates Wanket, Harvy Construction, Inc. Webb, Mitchell & Associates Wells Fargo Bank 4 West Enterprises Western Motors 5 Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation 3 Woodward Associa tes, Inc. Touche, Ross & Company 4 Transamerican Properties, Inc. Tucker, Sadler & Associates 2

U.S. Marine Corps, 3rd Marine Division Association, Inc. U.S. Submarine Veterans 2 USD School of Law Alumni Association 2 USO School of Law Student Bar Association Whitten Booster Club Yucca Valley High School 2 Yuma Jaycees Foundations Ahmanson Foundation 7 Allis-Chalmers Foundation 4 American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Foundation California Community Foundation 12 California Council for the Humanities Carthage Foundation 3 James S. Copley Foundation 13 Elks National Foundation 9 Grace Foundation, Inc. 2 Hazel Cubbon Greenleaf Educational Fund 4 Philip Y. Hahn Foundation 5 Heritage Foundation 2 Hibben Foundation W. K. Kellogg Foundation 4 Jessie Klicka Foundation 8 William Koch Foundation, Inc. Frank J. Lewis Foundation Mexican & American Foundation, Inc. Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Inc. 2 Navy Wives Club of America Scholarship Foundation 2 John M. Olin Foundation, Inc. 2 Oro Grande Foundation Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship Fund 6 Riverside Community Foundation 4 San Diego l(jwanis Club Foundation 2 San Lorenzo District Scholarship Foundation Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation James E. Spain Memorial Foundation 10 Tavares Foundation 3 Two/Ten National Foundation 4 Frank R. Warren Family Foundation 2 Trusts and Estates George Henry Mayr Trust Elizabeth Ann Parkman Trust Scaife Family Char.itable Trust 4 Frank Muller, Sr. Foundation Dan Murphy Foundation 2

Brundage & Zellmann 4 John Burnham & Company California First Bank 3 Camelback Orthopedic Association, Ltd. Camillo Motors 2 Camino North Properties Carnation Company Foundation 8 Caudillo & Adams Design, Inc. Central Federal Savings & Loan Association 2 Coca Cola Bottling Company

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Vega Mr. William Vellman 3

Mr. & Mrs. George Vojtko 2 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wagner 6 Dr. Keith J . Wahl Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wallack Mr. James L. Walsh 2 Mr. Stanley M. Walsh 2 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ward Mr. Charles R. Warde Mr. John A. Waters III Rev. Robert J. Waters Mr. William E. Watson Mr. Gerald Webb Mrs. Karl A. Weber 6 Mr. George E . Webster 3 Ms. Freda C. Weiner Dr. Frank Wellington Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Weston 2 Ms. Helen G. Whitehead Mr. & Mrs. John W. Whitney Mr. & Mrs. David Whittaker 2 Mr. Francis Xavier Wilkinson Ms. Altha Coleman Williams Mr. & Mrs. Don Wilson Mrs. Francis E. Wilson 7 Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Wolf 2 Mr. William V. Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Woltman 4 Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Zable Mr. J . J. Zeterberg 2

Coldwell Banker 2 Contractor Supply 2 Crocker National Bank Al Coupee Broadcast Service 2 Cubic Corporation 6 Culpepper's J . & L. Cummings Advertising J. David & Company DeOlden Tax Service Dunphy Construction Company

El Cajon Valley Convalescent Center, Inc. Epicurean Natural Sandwich & Ice Cream Shoppe Ernst & Whinney Fashion Valley Associates 5 Raymond C. Ferro Insurance Agency, Inc. First Federal Savings & Loan 7 Flavia's Bookkeeping Service Forest & Stock 2 Foxy John's Inc. 2 Frank Motors Toyota Frazee Industries GEMCO Charitable & Scholarship Foundation 2 General Dynamics 6 Brian Michael Giblin Insurance Agency M. H. Golden Company Gray, Cary , Ames & Frye 7 Hamilton Meat Company 2 H & W Building Company 2 D. C. Heath & Company E. C. Herbert & Associates, Realtors Hitt & Hartwell , Attorneys Holsum Baking Company of California, Inc. 2 Home Federal Savings & Loan Association 8 Hotel del Coronado Household Finance Corporation 11 International Harvester 5 International Telephone & Telegraph

Corporations Active Vending Company Aerojet Manufacturing Company Allstate Foundation 6 Amayer, Inc. 2 American Airlines 5 American Fence Company of California, Inc. Anthony's Fish Grotto 7 A.0.1. Stanley Andrews Sports Outfitters 2 Arthur Anderson & Company Foundation 4 Arts Incorporated 2 ASAP Quality Line Printers Atlantic Richfield Company 2 Atlas Hotels 2 Audiology Center of Redlands Medical Clinic, Inc. B & B Plumbing Contractors Bank of A. Levy Bank of America Foundation 12 Barr & Barr, Inc. 2 Big Bear Supermarket 5

Jaffe & Wa.lburn Interiors 2 Jay-Vee Construction, Inc. 3 Johnson & Higgins of California 2 Krikorian Farms La Jolla Automotive

Will C. Silliman Memorial Walter C. Williams Trust 3 Estate of Leonard Brugman Estate of Alfred G . Morgan Estate of Marie Leone Sherlock

Les Land Enterprises, Inc. 2 Larry Markillie & Associates Merrill Lynch Pier.ce Fenner & Smith, Inc. 2 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 2 Miller, Shockey & Company 2 Mission Bay Volkswagen

Every effort has been made to ensure that these lists are as complete and accurate as possible. The Development Office would appreciate being notified of any discrepancies.



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