POS 0400-01 Introduction to SPLAN

SECTION: Web Applications



Once the page has loaded you will be presented with a Login box prompting for a User Name and Password.

Each store is setup with 3 user types:

sm: Store Manager sa: Store Assistant Manager: No access to employee Salary info or the Year at a Glance Report.

csr: Customer Service Representative: Limited Access POS 0400-25 CSR Access

User Name for Manager ID’s will be in the “sm0001” format (where the last four characters are the store number).

Note: The password for the initial login will be the same as the User Name (sm0001).

After entering the requested information and selecting the OK button the system will prompt for the password to be changed

Passwords will need to be reset every 30 days.

Passwords must be seven characters long and must contain at least one special character (e.g. @ or!)

If the following message is displayed, a session of SPLAN is currently open in another window and will need to be closed before continuing.

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