Friends of Yemin Orde 2015 Annual Report

Dear Friends, We would like to thank our community of donors for their partnership in 2015 and are pleased to present some highlights of our work at Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives this past year. We marked the third year that Yemin Orde welcomed youth from France whose families are primarily of Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian descent. These teens experienced anti-Semitism in France and some came to Israel alone or with a single parent. Others came to Yemin Orde because their parents faced economic difficulties as new immigrants in Israel. These newly confident youth have come a long way since arriving at Yemin Orde as mistrusting and uncertain teens. Yemin Orde’s fire recovery construction project is now complete following the December 2010 Mt. Carmel wildfire, in which 40 percent of the Village was destroyed. As you may recall, this project was funded by an emergency campaign that raised a total of $21 million which included insurance compensation and Israeli government support.

Each partner community receives a three-year implementation model that includes work plans, innovative staff learning sessions, mentoring, new program development, intercommunity learning, knowledge sharing and process evaluation. We are thrilled that our Village Way model has attracted great attention and is now taught in university settings. In the 2016-2017 school year, a course on the Village Way educational methodology will be taught at Hebrew University. Our professional facilitators also work with Israel’s Ministry of Education, Association of Community Centers, Israeli Border Police, and other important organizations. Great proof that we are on the right educational track! The Friends of Yemin Orde monthly digital newsletter, received first place for Excellence in Jewish Journalism by the American Jewish Press Association in 2015. Don’t miss these important updates. Do we have your email? We are proud of the diversity of our donor community and our robust social media presence, which allows us to share our mission to more people than we ever thought possible. On behalf of Friends of Yemin Orde, we are honored by your trust in our organization and your generosity. With your help, Yemin Orde and the Village Way Educational Initiatives are having a positive and transformative impact on the lives of Israel’s most troubled youth which, in turn, strengthens the future of Israel for all of us.

The newly-built children’s and staff homes and offices are furnished with modern standards of comfort and design. Plus, there is a new perimeter road (at left) which re-routes vehicular traffic around the Village, making its central pathways safer for pedestrians. Thanks to the success of the Village

“The best thing that has happened to us is the VillageWay process. There are clear goals for our staffmembers and everyone is working toward a positive and united aim.” — Principal, Daliyat Al-Carmel Technology High School, a Village Way Educational Partner

Thank you for investing in our important work.

Way educational methodology at Yemin Orde, its Village Way Educational Initiatives has made great strides in 2015 toward changing the face of education for at-risk youth in Israel. Today, the Village Way methodology is integrated into 26 partner communities, thereby impacting a total of 9,650 youth and 1,320 educators including successful programs in three Israeli-Arab high schools.

Charles R. Gwirtsman

Karen Sallerson Executive Director




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