Bazman, July 2015

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Bazman Hazeh

“In These Times”

Tammuz - Av 5775

VOL. 48 NO. 10

JULY 2015

Andrew Srtaus, Rabbi David Shukiar, Cantor

Aliza Goland, Executive Director Marcy Goldberg, Director of Education Donna Becker, ECC Director

Peggy Frank, President, Board of Directors Alan Greenbaum, Rabbi Emeritus

Getting to know you

During the next few weeks and months, I look forward to getting to know each of you. The Rabbinic Transition Team is in the process of planning numerous events in congregants’ homes where I will get a chance to meet you in intimate gatherings, as well as larger events where congregants and their families will find fun ways to engage with one another and my family. We will talk together. I want to hear your stories. I want to hear about your families’ faith/community journeys. I want to know what you love about Temple Adat Elohim, what makes it a special place for you and your family, and perhaps learn from you what challenges you think our community should address in the coming weeks and months. Besides group settings, I am eager to get to know you one-on-one. Do please feel free to contact me. We can meet in the office, go out for coffee, lunch or a glass of wine; or even take a bike ride or a dog walk or hit some tennis balls. I want to know you, so I can become your rabbi, your friend and your teacher of Torah, and we can walk the journey of life together.

Shalom! I am so excited to be the new Rabbi of Temple Adat Elohim, and during the next few months I look forward to becoming YOUR rabbi. (That is a title I will need to earn.) As I write this, I am sitting in my kitchen in Oakland surrounded by a sea of boxes. Tomorrow the movers will load those boxes onto a truck, and the next day we will begin unpacking our boxes in our new house in Westlake Village. But this is not just about boxes. My family and I are looking forward to making Temple Adat Elohim and the Conejo Valley our home. What is it that turns a house into a home? While a house is just four walls with all of our stuff in it, what distinguishes it as a home is what fills it – love, laughter, warmth, learning and memory- making moments with family and friends. I know that during the coming year my family’s house will become our home. The rabbis teach us that a home is a mikdash me’at , a small sanctuary. When our house becomes our home, filled with Jewish life, it is as sacred to God as the Temple in Jerusalem. I know that many of you already feel like TAE is your second home and that the community is your family. My family and I look forward to making TAE our second home and becoming an enduring part of the TAE family.

l’Shalom, Rabbi Andrew Straus 805-497-7101

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