Ceratherm25 (English)

Technical features and product overview

Ceratherm 25

With CERATHERM 25 Ideal Standard revolutionizes the tech- nology of thermostatic fittings. The thermostatic fittings of Ideal Standard have always been providing maximum protec- tion from burning. The CERATHERM 25 generation is going now one step further. In addition to the fitting’s core inside

where hot water is mixed with cold water, the space between the core and the fittings metal body is filled with cold water. This guarantees that the outer surface of the thermostatic fit- ting is being permanently cooled. There is no better preven- tion against burning than this approach.

Reasons to choose CERATHERM 25

Safety • Isolated construction with a 100% Cool Body. Total prevention of burns alongside the whole outer surface of the thermostatic fitting.

Perfect Reliability • Permanent stop-function leading to a 100 % shut-off of the water flow in case the incoming flow of cold water ceases for whatever reason.

MaximumWater Saving • The adjustable ECO- function allows 50 % water saving.

Ideal Comfort • A guaranteed constant temperature regardless of the temperatures of the incoming water flows.

A warm shower – a cooler fittings body: 100 % isolation and safety, no compromises

Hot Water

Cold Water

Mixed Water

A functional thermogram*

A functional thermogram of a product of a competitor*

The CERATHERM 25 construction is offering a 100 % isolation of the body surface of the fitting from the core. This means we have a maximum protection from burns.

The thermographic images are showing it clearly: There are no hot spots on the outer surface of the thermostatic mixer’s CERATHERM 25 body.

*The testing methods are in compliance with the latest European requirements and standards.

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