SHA1 Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit

SHA1 Rev1.4 Specifications

8 ohm

32 ohm 1 Watt/Ch

Audio Power (Max.):


Total Harmonic Distortion:

0.2% Typical

0.2% Typical

DC Current (Max):

External 12VC 9 Volt Battery

320mA 300mA

85mA 75mA

External DC Input Voltage:

12 to 24 Volts DC

External Power Connector:

2.1mm Center (+)

Battery Type:

9 Volt Alkaline

Audio Input Connectors:

RCA (x2)

Headphone Output Connector: Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For 3.5mm Stereo Input Impedance (as shipped): Greater than 20K ohms Output Load: 4 to 32 ohms Frequency Response: 10Hz to 100KHz Circuit Board Dimensions: Case Dimensions: Overall Dimensions:

4” (102mm)W x 4.7” (120mm)D

5” (128mm)W x 5.25” (134mm)D x 1.5” (40mm)H

5” (128mm)W x 5.75” (146mm)D x 1.65” (42mm)H


SHA1  18

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