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Mail Order: To order a polo shirt, hoodie or jacket visit: http://ipauk.stitchandprintstore.co.uk/home For all other items visit: www.ipa-uk.org/Shop - and click the ebay link. Items can also be ordered by telephoning 0115 981 3638 . Telephone orders can be paid for by cheque made payable to IPA and sent to BSAC, Arthur Troop House, 1 Fox Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6AJ. Payment can also be made via a PAYPAL account.


IPA Section UK Clothing Range is Now Available to Order

Section UK have created their own clothing store currently selling polo shirts, hoodies and jackets. All products are sold with the IPA Section UK logo and can also be personalised. The current product range can be viewed below and will increase in the near future.

Polo Shirt £14 + P&P

Hoodie £21 + P&P

Jacket £44 + P&P

Ladies Polo Shirt £14 + P&P


Colour variations available

Car Sticker £2 inc P&P

Cap £5.50 inc P&P

Water bottle £2 inc P&P

Lanyard £1.50 inc P&P

IPA-WPFG Bronze Partner Polo Shirt £17 + P&P

IPA-WPFG Bronze Partner Pin Badge £2 inc P&P

Wallet £19 inc P&P

Gift membership


John Smith Thisvoucher entitles theabovenamedperson to free enrolment into the InternationalPoliceAssociation,SectionUK

Service through friendship from


Thisvouchermustbepresentedwitha completedapplication formby1October2012

For detailed product descriptions visit the website or contact BSAC by phone.

If you would like to comment about any item or aspect of the IPA Shop please email: mail@ipa-uk.org


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