Republic of Iceland

and Flybus [2] , 2,200 ISK one way) run between the airport and Reykjavík bus terminal (45 minutes; 4,000 ISK return, as of April 2016). They can bring you to your hotel for a higher charge of 2,800 ISK.These are the most popular options as they have a guaranteed departure for any scheduled flight possible (arriving and departing). It can be free to hitchhike (outside of the parking lot - most people will be going towards Reykjavik or at least Hafnarfjörður, from where you can take bus 1 to downtown Reykjavik for 420 ISK in exact change or through their app but go figure that out if you have just arrived). The same public bus company ( Strætó ) also operates bus 55 that stops at the airport's Departures area. Check the route and times (it does not run too

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