Republic of Iceland

back change, so if all you have on you is a 500 Kr. bill, do not expect to get the difference back. You can also buy a set of eleven tickets for 3,000 ISK from major bus stops (also sometimes from the driver). Once you have paid to the driver, you will not get a ticket, unless you ask for one. If you get a ticket, it is valid for any other buses you take within 75 minutes. All buses stop running at 23:00, with many stopping earlier, some as early as 18:00. Buses start running around noon on Sundays! Fares to zones(extending more and more of the country as the old union and state sponsored monopoly system is being dismantled are higher, although all of Reykjavik, Garðabær, Hafnarfjörður, Mosfellsbær, Álftanes and Seltjarnarnes fall within zone one, where

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