Republic of Iceland

system for writing. Icelanders do not use PM/AM to indicate morning and afternoon. In Icelandic, "half ten" ("hálf tíu") means half past nine (09:30). When speaking to a person not fluent in English it is best not to use this form to avoid misunderstanding. Dates can be seen abbreviated in a number of ways, but the order is always DAY- MONTH- YEAR; 12.7.08, 120708, or 12/07/08 is 12 July 2008. Icelandic calendars also indicate the number of the week 1 through 52. Iceland uses the metric system only. There is limited knowledge of Imperial or US measurements. In Iceland there is no concept of a ground floor as in the UK. Instead, the entrance level of a building is called the first floor ("jarðhæð"), like in the US. Levels are then counted 1, 2, 3 etc.

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