Republic of Iceland

 Egilsstaðir (AY-yell-stath-er) — main town in the East, has some of the best weather Iceland has to offer  Hafnarfjörður (HAP-nar- FYERTH- er) — cosy town on the outskirts of the capital region  Höfn (HERP'n) — main town on the southeastern coast  Húsavík (HOOS-ah-veek) — one of the world's most reliable whale watching sites during the summer  Keflavik (KEP-la-veek) — the location of the international airport, but also an interesting town in its own right  Ísafjörður (EES-ah-FYERTH-er) — biggest town of the West fjords of Iceland  Selfoss (SEL-fos) — South Iceland's largest town, hub of the main

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