Kacy Granitsas


F antasy fiction has not always had a place within my heart, nor could I say it was anything I was inspired by, however, that was until I stumbled upon The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. Although special thanks might be due to Peter Jackson who directed the movies and introduced me to the series. I read the series with elation, and could not, however, bring myself to believe this fiction was entirely fictitious, if even by accident, nor was it an accident I came upon such glorious fiction— fiction well deserving to be placed on a classical literature shelf with Shakespeare, Joyce, and Chaucer. I suppose as a kid, I was exposed to pieces such as the Magic Tree house, The Magic school Bus, Harry Potter, and while as a kid these pieces of fiction are fantastic stories to teach us about concerning fantasy writing


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 43


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