TUMI Magazine


3 W orld I mpact Who we are 4 T he U rban M inistry I nstitute Our storied journey 6 O ur C ore V alues What we treasure most 7 TUMI R esources Devotional materials, art, music, and more for our life together 8 O ur C urriculum Rightly dividing the Word 12 A ccredited P artners Sister schools welcoming TUMI graduates 13 T he TUMI N etwork Connecting our people

14 O ur S atellite N etwork 16 T he E vangel N etwork 18 T he SIAFU N etwork Standing together for Christ in the city 20 L et G od A rise ! P rayer M ovement Prayers for revival and mission 21 TUMI P roductions Christian music with an urban flavor 22 O ur E xpansion I nitiative Resourcing the Great Commission 24 T he T ranslation F actory Responding to the Macedonian Call 26 TUMI E xpansion 2021 A sample of our monthly E-newsletter Providing affordable, accessible leadership training around the world Multiplying churches in the city

equipping leaders. empowering movements.

www.tumi.org • www.worldimpact.org 3701 East 13th Street North | Wichita, Kansas 67208 Email: contactus@tumi.org | Tel: 316.681.1317

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