WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020


The model should be able to adapt to the changing needs on the ground. Hence a revised version of the model in the context of the Wild Coast, shifts the training focus towards entrepreneurship skills development via the CATHSSETA accredited New Venture Creation qualification. Tourism Guiding unit standards will still form part of the accredited component in the form of a short skills course as opposed to a full qualification. Also included in the revised version is more emphasis on computer literacy and a psychosocial support component which aims to overcome barriers to development. A significant number of TGC graduates have started or plan to start their own businesses. These emerging entrepreneurs need practical business training as well as material and incubation support in order to successfully launch and maintain their businesses. It would be highly beneficial for TGC to fulfil the role of a feeder programme into small business incubation programmes. TGC then not only supports the development of skills that benefit youth as they seek to study further or to find full time employment, but also filter out the

The Tourism Green Coast pilot successfully delivered on the medium-term impact goals and has proven to be a model with great potential to contribute strongly towards South Africa’s national development objectives with respect to youth, the environment and economic development. The model is scalable and can be rolled out in any context with a rural coastline, low impact nature-based tourism and coastal communities that participate in and benefit from grassroots sustainable development. However, the potential for impact as a stand- alone intervention remains limited. TGC needs to be recognised as cog in the wheel towards youth-led sustainable development. It would be beneficial in the long term for large scale training interventions such as TGC to be situated within a broader systematic partnership approach with shared destination specific development objectives that are informed continuously by the needs of the communities and existing community- based assets.


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