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Back Pain, the Most Common Musculoskeletal Issue in America:

Why is it still so prevalent? Even though we have made a lot of medical advances we are allowing technology to take over our lives. One study showed a 66% increase in doctor’s visits for back/neck pain from 2000 to 2010. Economic Impact: Lost Work Time and Wages (1) • $150.4 billion: hospital cost to treat back pain • 291 million: lost work days due to back and neck pain • $131.8 billion: annual earning loss for persons with back/neck condition Why should someone choose PT? • Alternative to surgery • Lowers cost of treating low back pain • Individualized treatment

Even though physical therapists treat all aches and pains, back pain still ranks number one as the top problem treated. Physical therapists treat back pain by: • Helping patients improve strength, flexibility, and motion. • Educating their patients about why they have the pain. Top 4 things you can do: • Exercise regularly • Use good body mechanics and postures. • Seek help early, if pain lasts more than 2 days. • Avoid masking the pain with medications. References: (1) BY THE NUMBERS Musculoskeletal Back Pain http://www.boneandjointburden.org/docs/By%20The%20 Numbers%20-%20Back%20Pain.pdf


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