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Welcome to Careers in Creative Industries 2016 This event is open to all Cambridge students, graduates and research staff, of any year, discipline and nationality. Careers in Creative Industries is an information event, not a careers fair in the conventional sense. There are four different kinds of participants: • Individuals (often Cambridge graduates) who have come to talk to you about their experience; • Organisations (many with Cambridge graduates representing them); Only a few actual jobs are on offer. However, many of the people here can help you to get jobs by giving you advice and perhaps, contacts, and can help you decide whether you want a job like theirs by telling you what it’s like. Often the first step to a creative industries job is a course, so there are also course providers here. THIS PROGRAMME CONTAINS: • Their job: what does it involve; what’s the best/worst thing about it; what might a typical week include; • Their organisation: why did they choose it; what does it do; what training/prospects does it offer; • The lifestyle: what gives them a buzz; what are the downsides; is travel involved; working hours; • Getting work/training: what route did they take; what helped at the application/interview stage; • Skills: what do you need; how quickly should you acquire them; what skills will be needed in future; • Postgraduate media training: is it necessary/useful; how do you fund it; can you get a job without it; • Work experience: what was useful; how did they find it; might opportunities exist within their organisation; • Career path so far: many participants have experience across a wide range of media – ask them about it! FIND OUT ABOUT THE CAREERS SERVICE SUMMER BURSARY SCHEME: for unpaid/low paid work experience and internships. IN ADDITION: Do you know about CamCareers the Careers Service email service? Register on www.careers.cam.ac.uk to get information on a range of career sectors, including the Media, sent directly to you. Have you used GradLink , the Careers Service alumni contact database? Available on www.careers.cam.ac.uk Quick Queries with a Careers Adviser are also available on the balcony (floor 3) all afternoon. The information in this Event programme can also be found, together with other useful information about working in this sector, at www.careers.cam.ac.uk as well as in our online flip-book programme. • Course providers; • Student societies. • an alphabetical list of participating organisations and individuals, • biographies of individual participants and organisation descriptions. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AT THIS EVENT: TALK TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! Ask them about:


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