ZOLL AED Plus Case Studies

“Without immediate access to the AED, I would be dead.” Survivor Dale Bierschbach

“The cool thing is,” added Emily, “your training takes over, but in your mind you are freaking out. It is an out-of-body experience. I kept talking to myself, saying, ‘Oh my gosh, what is going on ? Calm down. You’re a powerhouse. You’ve got this. Calm down.’ People must have thought I was crazy.” Dale Returns to Working Out Within a few months after his cardiac arrest, Dale was back at the gym working out with a personal trainer. Following his bypass surgery, Dale had physical therapy, which he said has helped him identify safe parameters for exercise. He also wears a heart monitor when exercising, which makes him feel more confident. “I watch Dale like a hawk now,” said Emily. “I tell him, ‘I saved you and I don’t want to have to do it again, so take it easy.’ But he knows his limits.” Dale says, “I have developed more realistic goals and timelines for

was stabilized. He was then transferred to St. Joseph’s in Ann Arbor for cardiac treatment. Dale’s cardiologist requested the data from the AED so he could gain a better understanding of what happened to Dale’s heart. The data helped him determine that Dale needed a triple bypass. “The paramedics explained to me that Dale was dead,” Emily said. “If we hadn’t performed CPR and if the AED hadn’t been there to restart his heart, he would have remained dead. Dale had an erratic heart rhythm that only defibrillation and high-quality CPR could have helped. It was absolutely terrifying at the time.” Being a first responder, Emily knew the importance of AEDs. “Even if you aren’t confident on how to use an AED, it will tell you what to do. The AED Plus has pictures and it prompts you through the rescue. If something happens, you have peace of mind that it is there. My dad’s a paramedic and a firefighter, so I have observed that what can go wrong usually will go wrong. It’s always good to play it safe.” Dale also understands the significance of AEDs. “My rhythm did not return to normal with CPR alone,” he said. “It was only after the shock of the AED that my rhythm became stable enough to support life. Without immediate access to the AED, I would be dead. Thank God that Emily took the time to receive the training and didn’t allow fear to paralyze her.”

my exercise and health since realizing my human limitations. I use to be one of those aging men who tried to deny getting older. Now I accept that I am not 22 and bulletproof.”

The ZOLL AED Plus, the first and only Full-Rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help ® for depth and rate of chest compressions, audibly coaches rescuers with prompts that say “Push Harder” or “Good Compressions” during CPR.

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