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Welcome to the new look LSJ . I congratulate all who have been

A s far as political rollercoaster rides go, the past couple of months have certainly been memorable. Following the shock resignation of NSW Premier O’Farrell on 16 April, a new cabinet was sworn in. is reshu e produced a new Attorney General and Minister for Justice, the Hon Brad Hazzard MP. Michael Tidball, the Law Society of NSW chief executive o cer, and I had a very positive initial meeting with Minister Hazzard, in which we raised our concerns regarding the ministerial hierarchy within the new department of Police and Justice. In particular, we sought assurances regarding any involved in this project and hope you enjoy reading this significant reboot of a much-loved o ering to members.

potential erosion of the independence of the First Law O cer under the new arrangements. Following the resignation of Police Minister Gallacher on 2 May, the Attorney General appears to be the senior minister within the Police, Attorney Generals and Justice Portfolios cluster, however, we are still seeking clari cation on this issue. I am also pleased to report that the Legal Profession Uniform Application Bill passed the NSW Legislative Council on 14 May without opposition. e

contribution of the Law Society was acknowledged both in Parliament and a ministerial media release. We now expect that the Legal Services Council and new Commissioner will be appointed in July, with the new scheme due to commence in early 2015. Finally, I would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of Law Week 2014, which brought legal information direct to local communities with 120 events across the state.

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