LSJ - June 2014

TheWine Society is a true not-for-profit wine cooperative.We are owned by our Members, not a retail conglomerate. Our mission, and our passion, is to foster the enjoyment of high quality wines at the best possible prices; to enhance that experience through knowledge and appreciation; and to champion the sustainability of the Australian wine industry. As a Member of the Law Society of New SouthWales, you are entitled to complimentaryWine Society affiliate membership, which gives you access to our huge portfolio of wines*. To take advantage of this newly formed

relationship between our two societies, visit .

TheWine Society and The Law Society are both long-lived, respected New SouthWales institutions with a combined history spanning almost two centuries.When you become an affiliate Member, you step into a world where history meets innovation and quality is most paramount. The celebration begins as soon as you sign up! *With the exception of the seasonal Best in Society range

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