FBINAA - May 2022 catalog

MEET THE CANDIDATE CHIEF JASON D. MOEN F ellow FBI National Academy graduates, my name is Jason Moen , proud graduate of Session 252 of the FBI National Academy and a candidate seeking to be your next Section IV Representative to the FBINAA National Board in 2022. My rewarding and successful tenure as 2020 President of the New England Chapter has inspired me to seek service to the Association at a national level. With the Association’s core values of knowledge, courage, and integrity in my heart and mind, I humbly ask for your support as I seek the position of Section IV Representative on the National Board. I am proud and honored to share a bond with each of you. A bond unlike any other in the law enforcement world. A bond that was forged at Quantico. That bond is renewed time and time again with a simple question, “What Session?” Attending the 252nd Session of FBI National Academy in 2013 was a truly humbling experience and one of the absolute highlights of my career so far. The friendships and relationships made there endure to this day. If entrusted with the opportunity to serve as your Section IV Representative, know that I will work diligently to further the Association’s vision for continuous development of the world’s strongest law enforcement network. I believe that exceptional training and enduring partner- ships are key to attracting new members. Branding the asso - ciation as the premier law enforcement leadership network through the presentation of high caliber leadership and training opportunities will be vital to the success of the association. As your Section IV representative, member recruitment and reten- tion would remain one of my top priorities, as our association is only as strong as its membership. I am committed to serving the membership and will base my service on my three personal cornerstones: Accountability, Consistency and Transparency . Open lines of communication with members and chapters are critical to the success of the association, as is maintaining accountability and transparency. As your Section IV representative, every decision I make will be in the best interest of the members, chapters, and association. My desire to serve others started at a young age. I joined my local volunteer fire department at the age of 14 and spent the next thirty-two years serving my community as a volunteer firefighter. I rose through the ranks and served the last six years of my volunteer career as Fire Chief. A ride-along in 1993 with a good friend – and now fellow graduate of the National Academy – sparked a desire to take my public service in a different direction. For the last 27 years, I have

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had the honor of serving the citizens of Auburn, Maine as a police officer. My career with Auburn began in 1995 as a patrol officer, rising through the ranks and in November 2018, I was sworn in as Chief of Police. I remain very active with the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, serving as chair of the policy development committee. I am also a Team Leader for the Commission on Ac- creditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), conducting accreditation assessments across the country. I have learned much in my years of public service. Like you, I believe in accountability, consistency, and transparency. And I have done my best to build my life and my career on honor, in- tegrity, and excellence. Know that I will embrace the opportunity to use my knowledge, my vision, and my passion for teambuild - ing, collaboration, and service as your Section IV Representative to the FBINAA National Board.

Please do not hesitate to connect with me at JMoen@auburnmaine.gov or by cell phone at 207-576-5292 .

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