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tion on the FBINAA National Board. My wife Sheryl and family support my dream to serve the members of the FBINAA. I am a vice chair of the Cleveland 2022 National Conference and a participant in the National Training Committee in support of the conference. Again, I respectfully ask for your support for my campaign. Please visit my website at www.stevehrytzik2022.com for more information on my candidacy, or feel free to contact me directly at: 614.206.9543.

On January 4, 1985, on his 68th birthday, Lloyd Sealy spent the day in the John Jay Library preparing his classes and helping students to learn how to use the law reference books. At the end of the day, he suffered a fatal heart attack. The entire Col - lege mourned his passing. President Gerald Lynch summed up Sealy's contribution to the College by noting that Sealy's ability to integrate "theory and practice permitted him to enrich the cur- riculum and further challenge the minds of his students. He was the model for all of his students with the knowledge and grace that are the hallmark of a superior teacher." (13) Sealy's influence extended beyond the Police Department and the College to the general community. As one of his colleagues, Henry DeGeneste , recalled, "Lloyd was a superb example of a person committed to giving of himself to youth, his community, community-based organizations, and schools. [He said,] if we would all volunteer one hour a week to give something positive to our communities, especially our young people, the world would be a much kinder, happier place." (14) 1. "Murphy Appoints a Negro to Head Harlem Precinct," The New York Times , 15 August 1964, p.1. 2. "Lloyd Sealy, the First Black Man in Several High Police Posts, Dies," The New York Times, 6 January 1985, p.24. 3. United States. Kerner Commission. Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. (Washington, DC: The Commission, 1968), p.1. 4. Interview with Carlton Irish, 24 July 1991. 5. Quoted in "Sealy Leaves Police Post for Teaching," The New York Times, 14 September 1969, p.74. 6. Interview with Leo Loughrey, 24 July 1991. 7. Joseph Fink and Lloyd G. Sealy, The Community and the Police—Conflict or Cooperation? (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1974), p.193. 8. Ibid., pp.197-8. 9. Interview with Carlton Irish, 24 July 1991. 10.Interview with Leo Loughrey, 24 July 1991. 11.Interview with Carlton Irish, 24 July 1991. 12.Interview with William Bracey, 24 July 1991. 13.Gerald Lynch to Estelle Sealy, 25 May 1988 14.Quoted in Henry DeGeneste “Lloyd Sealy – Remembrances” Unpublished, 1991 Historian’s notation: Much of the text for the Lloyd George Sealy article (above) was taken from a speech delivered during the 1991 dedication ceremony of the Library in his name. Many thanks to Dr. Gerald Markowitz with the assistance of Estelle Sealy , Blanche Wiesen Cook , Marilyn Lutzker , T. Kenneth Moran , W. Richelen Henrick Smit , and members of the Library Dedication Committee . Personal thanks to Derek Powers , Session 208, NYPD (Ret) and VP Protective Services/Brooklyn Navy Yard for his invaluable assistance in collecting the information.

Steve Hrytzik Section IV Candidate 2022 47 Hall St., Powell, Ohio 43065

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recipients of our assistance but to all the members as well. These initiatives are open to those beyond our membership; you are encouraged to share these giveaway opportunities with cowork - ers, family and friends. Hopefully you will never personally need assistance, but al - ways remember that it is here for you and your fellow active NAA members. Having peace of mind, knowing that the Foundation can bring a little hope in a time of stress to you, your family, or an NA comrade is comforting. So help us continue these endeavors through your support! Please free to contact the Foundation Treasurer, John Moran (JohnMoran@FBINAAFoundation.org) or the Assistant Treasurer Alan Ruhl (AlanRuhl@FBINAAFoundation.org) on any of the programs listed above. We would love to engage you on how you can help your foundation.

On behalf of all the members of the FBINAA, thank you for supporting the Foundation!

About the Author: Dale Stockton is a 32-year-veteran of law enforcement, having worked in all areas of police operations and retiring as a police captain from Carlsbad, California. He taught criminal justice classes for more than 20 years and was involved in the launch of Law Officer Magazine, serving as the publication’s editor-in-chief for ten years. Stockton is the founder of Below 100, an award-winning officer-safety initiative designed to reduce police line-of-duty deaths and has been involved in the presentation of the program across North America. Stockton is an accomplished technology practitioner and has managed major technology projects for public safety including personnel-locate devices and license plate recognition systems. He is an FBI NA graduate (Class 201). Continued from "Going Mobile", on page 55


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