How to use new Superintendent Corner

User Guide for Superintendent’s Corner

Superintendent’s Corner website is


Click on the link on the bottom right hand side of the new website.

Superintendent’s Corner Log in

You will be asked for both your User Name and Password. You can click on Stay Signed in if you would like to always be signed in on the computer you are using. Click on Log In. For all IASA members, your User Name will me your last name, first letter capitalized and then your IASA membership number. For instance, if your name is Sally Smith and your IASA number is 1234, your Superintendent’s Corner User Name will be Smith1234.


Click on Settings under your name in the top right corner to change your password and add your mobile number. In addition, you can change your Notification and Privacy Settings. These same settings can be updated under Change Settings. Privacy Settings – You can set what other members can view about you here.


A small icon in the top blue bar above your tabs. This is your Notification section. Once you click on Notification, you can then click on Notifications Settings to set Activity Notifications for when you want Nimbus to notify you. In addition, your recent notifications will show up here.

Sign Out – Sign out of Superintendent’s Corner

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