W elcome to the Origins of the Lost Poetic Archives from an Unknown Scholar my name is B-poet and I’ll be your guide during this poetic expedition. It was a great honor to share with Authorhouse publishing what was hidden within these vast written archives back in 2015. Around that time I was a cultural seeker searching for what lessons an Ancient Egyptian civilization could teach us today on how our present day society should be evolving. Culture, customs, and amazing hieroglyphic diction lead me to believe this unknown scholar meant a lot to his civilization thousands of years ago. He left behind at least sixty poetic gems; The majority of them, I decoded, devolve deeply and stylistically into the written realms of spirituality, haiku, parable, love, death, chivalry, and even personal optimism. When I arrived in Ancient Egypt back in 2015, I was very excited to search and uncover a legend from yesterday’s past. It’s quite rare to find such literary & hieroglyphic history. You have to be in the right place at the right time. You can then be able to understand the impact of being a part of such history as if it were happening in the present. I always had that type of attitude when it comes to being a part of history. A historic trail of poetic genius is the best way to describe this book. Throughout my career this unknown scholar has fascinated the likes of myself along with today’s generational writing community’s curiosity as a whole. As I furtheredmy journey through thesevast archives, I noticed shades of hieroglyphic mastery along walls, inside burial vaults, up and down pillars, along detailed door frames & mantles, atop ceilings, and even ORIGINSOF THE LOSTARCHIVES


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 46


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