MICA Specialty Specific Audit Tool - OB GYN

MICA has developed specialty specific audit tools to aid physicians in mitigating their risk of liability within their individual practice. This tool provides a mechanism for physicians to review their practice the way that they choose: you can evaluate your practice as a whole or focus only on the areas with which you have a concern. You may choose to do it alone or include your office manager, partners within the group, or an interdisciplinary team. The questions within the tool were developed to obtain an Always/Yes response. Any other response, with the exception of N/A, indicates an area of potential exposure to your practice. This tool can be used as part of your practice’s quality assurance process. Under Arizona and Utah quality assurance statutes, a practice that performs quality

Specialty Specific Audit Tool

O bstetrics & G ynecology Communication_______________________________________ 3 Reliable Systems_ _____________________________________ 5 Co-Management/Coordination of Care_ ___________________ 6 Office-Based Procedures Under Sedation___________________ 6 Prenatal Testing_______________________________________ 7 Informed Consent_____________________________________ 9 Patient Education_ ____________________________________ 10 Emergency Preparedness/Patient Safety:___________________ 11 Documentation and Health Information Management_ _______________________________________ 12 Compliance__________________________________________ 13 Birth Centers_________________________________________ 15 MICA Resources_ _____________________________________ 20 assurance activities will be able to maintain the confidentiality of the process and have it protected from discovery in medical malpractice cases. However, in Arizona, the QA process must include written standards and criteria in order to obtain the QA privilege of confidentiality and protection from discovery in civil litigation. Although the Utah statute does not have a requirement for written standards and criteria, there are benefits to having a consistent process. If a practice does have a written policy, it should be carefully followed to maintain the privilege. Nevada does not have a quality assurance statute that applies to physician practices, although it does have a statute that protects quality assurance that is performed in hospitals, surgery centers and emergency centers. A Form Policy that can be tailored to your practice can be located on the MICA website. If you have any questions or concerns while going through the tool or after you have identified an issue, MICA has a Risk Management Hotline available Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 MST staffed by a Sr. Risk Management Consultant that you may call at 602.808.2137. Table of Contents



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